Gaming Innovation Group Ad Bet Seven Online Sign Platform Agreement

Gaming Innovation Group Ad Bet Seven Online Sign Platform Agreement

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) recently signed a long-term agreement with Bet Seven Online Ltd. for the GiG platform. It would include frontend development and managed services for the launch of SuperSeven, its first brand.

What do the partners plan?

The agreement between the two partners is based on a fixed fee model with a minimum duration of three years. It will come with an automatic extension for an additional two plus one year. Bet Seven Online is operated by a team of successful executives in both online casinos and offline casinos. They are launching their first brand SuperSeven with an aim of providing instant, immediate, and meaningful reward engines. They also aim to provide exceptional service to the customers.

Gaming Innovation Group Ad Bet Seven Online Sign Platform Agreement

It will work on proven elements of gamification that help in boosting its core gameplay. It would also allow players to use their skills to win big prizes. The offering is expected to launch in the first half of 2021. The partnership is expected to bring a positive contribution to GiG revenues started in the second half of 2021. SuperSeven will also be working under its own license.

Working together on a new offering

Bet Seven Online’s chief executive Christopher de Lima commented on the partnership and said, “I am so very pleased with the process in working with GIG who are clearly the best platform for our requirements. Recruiting Tim Parker as Chief Operations Officer has been pivotal with our aim in developing the right culture with initially a small team who are all highly regarded in the online industry.”

The company’s chief operations officer Tim Parker said that its product aim and end-user experience is very specific. He said that it was clear early on that GiG would not only provide the platform but also the tools and services that would be needed to build a unique offering. He noted that the partnership could be useful in creating a unique offering that would stand out in the marketplace.


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