crypto casino to benefit from Softswiss crash gaming announcement crypto casino to benefit from Softswiss crash gaming announcement

Softswiss has announced that a new type of game has been included to their impressive portfolio of games available. Crash games will now be available and will be included in the existing portfolio that the game aggregator already has available, with a number of impressive titles across a range of different categories and game styles already on offer. The games on offer already from the company include slots, table games, lotteries, live games, virital sports and a plethora of other titles, with some of these also being available to those who gamble with cryptocurrencies. members can benefit from Crash Games

Whilst there was already an impressive range of crypto slots at available to play, users of the online casino will also now be able to benefit from Softswiss’ addition of crash games, which will ultimately provide them with a whole new gaming experience and one that that had not been previously available. Casino

Crash betting is rather different to many other different types of games and this is simply down to the mechanic that has been used. Here, the mechanics are time-based, as players will make a bet and then watch the in-game multiplier increase. The higher the line gets, the greater the multiplier that will be awarded. The biggest risk that is provided with these games, though, is the fact that the line can “crash” at any moment, therefore it is all on the player to try and successfully cash out at the right moment to ensure that they obtain a win, otherwise they will be going home empty-handed as they would have lost the bet. These types of games are likely going to appeal to bettors who are going to want to test themselves against the pressure situations that will be built within the games, whilst those who will want to see if they can hold their nerves will likely want to give them a go, as well.

Plenty of excitement & anticipation for Crash Games to do well

There is plenty of anticipation and excitement regarding crash games, with the Softswiss game aggregator already predicting that this type of game will become one of the top 3 styles of games to be played the most, especially within the bitcoin casino sphere.

As mentioned, casino is one platform that already offers a number of these games via their use of the aggregator and they have been able to benefit by being able to provide their members with the opportunity to give them a range of titles to choose from. Softswiss currently provide over 3,000 different crypto-friendly games that can be played, whilst they also provide even more titles for those bettors who still prefer to use fiat currencies, thus making them one of the most diverse companies within the sector and one that helps to only further enhance their reputation within the market.

Who are Softswiss?

SoftswissThere may be some who are wondering how and why Softswiss has managed to become as successful as they have, although there are a number of different reasons why so many white label online casinos use their game aggregator. The company is an international tech brand that supplies only the best software solutions for white label iGaming companies, whilst also holding a number of gaming licences, thus allowing for their customers to leave it to them to take care of all of their technical, legal and financial processes.

In addition to their continually expanding portfolio of games, Softswiss were the first in the world to launch a bitcoin-optimised online casino solution in 2013, therefore becoming regarded as the leading technical expert when using cryptocurrency as a payment method for gambling activities and why is able to offer their customers what they can.


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