Eastnine AB publishes Q1 2019 Report

January – March:

· Rental income increased by 48 percent to EUR 2,947k (1,993) primarily due to acquisitions and the completion of the third tower in 3Burės in Vilnius. Comparable rental income decreased by 11 percent due to reduced occupancy.
· Occupancy rate was 92.0 percent (99.6).
· Net operating income increased to EUR 2,689k (1,431).
· Profit from property management increased to EUR 1,279k (151).
· Other unrealised value changes amounted to EUR 3,802k (-97) of which EUR 3,669k (-10,089) is attributable to Melon Fashion Group, EUR 789k (1,019) to Real Estate Funds and

Source: Eastnine AB publishes Q1 2019 Report

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