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Enea annual report for 2018

Stockholm , May 28th, 2019 Enea (NASDAQ OMX Nordic: ENEA)

Enea’s Annual Report for 2018 has been published in English and is available on Enea’s website, https://www.enea.com (https://www.enea.com/investors) and also attached in this press release.

The Swedish version of this Annual Report was published on April 8th. 

For more information visit http://www.enea.com/investors or contact:

Jan Häglund, President & CEO

E-mail: jan.haglund@enea.com

Renee Johnson, Executive Assistant

Phone: +46 70 971 01 78

E-mail: renee.johnson@enea.com 

About Enea

Enea develops the

Source: Enea annual report for 2018

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