The US National Council on Problem Gambling Gets a New Advisory Board

The US National Council on Problem Gambling Gets a New Advisory Board

This Thursday, the US National Council on Problem Gambling announced a new Advisory Board consisting of ten individuals. They represent entities like the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, IAGA, GVC and Las Vegas Sands. DraftKings is also a member of the Board and supports the prevention of problem gambling in the country. It also highlighted the need for research, education and treatment programs.

What does the Board convey?

The board is designed to provide a mechanism that leaders in the gambling field could follow and create responsible gambling practices. Members of the NCPG are expected to provide their guidance and perspective on this matter to the institution’s leadership and Board of Directors.

The US National Council on Problem Gambling Gets a New Advisory Board

NCPG’s executive director Keith Whyte said,

“The problem and responsible gambling environment in the US is changing rapidly with the continued expansion of casinos, lotteries, and the addition of sports betting. NCPG faces an ever more complex ecosystem of issues to address.”

He added that the members of the Board would guide the institution and raise awareness about gambling issues. He hoped that they would also increase their resources to help address such issues.

Who is on the board?

The new Advisory Board consists of several accomplished individuals representing the top entities in the gambling world. It includes Northstar Alliance on Problem Gambling’s president Don Feeney, Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s Steve Crosby, International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA) executive director Kirsten Clark, and GVC’s director of regulatory affairs Martin Lycka.

Other board members include Schuetz Inc’s Richard Schuetz, Las Vegas Sands’ director of government relations & social sciences Maria-Christina Annaloro, Mohegan Sun’s president & general manager Ray Pineault, Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling’s executive director Marlene Warner, Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling’s executive director and Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling’s former executive director Reece Middleton. Most members of the board have already worked with the NPCG in some capacity.

DraftKings was announced as Platinum Member of the Council. With this partnership, the Council will be able to bolster a stronger level of development and implementation of better gambling practices in the US sports gambling industry.

Whyte said that he is thrilled to invite DraftKings to the Council. He added that raising awareness about problem gambling is important, and the company could help in raising awareness. It could also be helpful to utilize the technology of the company and understand player behavior which could be useful in reducing gambling issues in the region.

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