Rio Mayor Bans Retail Sportsbooks, Online Sportsbooks Set to Profit

Rio Mayor Bans Retail Sportsbooks, Online Sportsbooks Set to Profit

The mayor of Rio Marcelo Crivella announced a ban on the retail lottery and sports betting activities on Monday. The ban comes after as an effort to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Ban owing to COVID-19

The mayor is aiming to stop the spread of coronavirus in the city. He has stopped all gatherings in large groups, including those in casinos and retail sportsbooks. The rising number of COVID-19 cases in the city has caused worries in the administration which is why they are locking down all non-essential establishments in the city until further notice. People have also been asked to follow the rules of social distancing.

Rio Mayor Bans Retail Sportsbooks, Online Sportsbooks Set to Profit

However, gamblers in the city can still access lottery and sports betting online. Mayor Crivella said that storefronts providing these facilities will still be open for other purchases. He also insisted that gambling be kept online for now. The city still has horse racing going on even though they have been asked to stop all the races or have closed races.

Compliance issues

The Brazilian Jockey Club in Lagoa has already hosted nine different events in the first two weeks of the month, even though it was asked to cease its activities. Mayor Crivella said that he will force the Club to comply even if he has to take legal action. The Municipal Finance Secretariat of the city also sent a letter to the club, demanding that they stop all their activities that need fans’ attendance. However, horse racing can still be held without any audience.

Crivella noted,

“A lot of people haven’t realized that they need to avoid crowds and stay home. They can go outside only to do essential jobs or meet urgent needs. By unnecessarily exposing yourself, you’re increasing the risk. Our intention is to prevent that.”

As several sporting events have been canceled around the globe, the Brazilian sports betting market has also suffered. The authorities consider them non-essential locations, because of which they will remain closed. The future for retail sportsbooks is a dim but online lottery and sports betting can still run without issues. Even though there is a shortage of betting events right now, things are expected to change after mid-May.

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