DraftKings Sportsbook Enters Arizona Market

DraftKings Sportsbook Enters Arizona Market

DraftKings, an American sports betting operator, and fantasy sports contest operator has entered the Arizona market with the launch of its sportsbook. The Company is amongst the first operators who are already taking advantage of Arizona’s sports recently legalized betting market, Its entry in the state of Arizona will make the state the fourteenth state where the DraftKings Sportsbook is operational.

Sports betting in Arizona went live only recently and this has meant that several operators have launched in the state of Arizona, keeping in mind the annual edition of the NFL (National Football League). Adults in the state of Arizona who are sports fans can now wager and have the opportunity to involve themselves in the play of their favorite sports teams through official outlets. DraftKings now joins as an approved operator in the state of Arizona.

Statement by DraftKings

Matt Kalish, Co-Founder, and President of DraftKings have stated that there is excitement at DraftKings to be a pioneer in the newly legalized sports betting industry in the state of Arizona. Matt Kalish thinks that the timing is perfect to offer the sports betting offering of the company to fans based in the state of Arizona. Matt Kalish has stated that DraftKings looks forward to being the sportsbook of choice for sports fans across the state of Arizona.

Matt Kalish thanked all those responsible i.e. Arizona Legislature, Arizona Department of Gaming, Senator T J Shope, TOC Scottsdale, PGA Tour, Governor Doug Ducey, the spokesperson of Governor Doug Ducey, Jeff Weninger for approving sports betting and allowing bring the sportsbook of DraftKings in the state of Arizona.

Arizona and DraftKings

Arizona is famous as regards its sports teams in various sports games and sports leagues. Even though there was considerable opposition to the approval of sports betting in the state of Arizona, the legalization of sports betting has a lot of scopes to expand and prosper in the state as a pastime for sports betters in the state. The critically acclaimed services of DraftKings will be welcomed by sports bettors. Boston-based DraftKings is a leader in safe and responsible gambling and making informed decisions.

DraftKings has a presence in seventeen countries with sports betting options in sixteen countries and this includes countries where only land-based betting options are available. DraftKings has a sportsbook in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Wyoming, New Jersey, Colorado, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, and Indiana. DraftKings’ fantasy games are popular across fifteen states and seven countries.

A few weeks before the launch of the sportsbook, fantasy games have already been launched in the state of Arizona. DraftKings will also host an earth-themed $500 free-to-play pool for players in the state of Arizona and has received support from the Arbor Day Foundation for the initiative to raise environmental awareness. The Company will also plant a million trees in a year.

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