Colorado Looks to Ban Wagering on Live Greyhound Races

Colorado Looks to Ban Wagering on Live Greyhound Races

Colorado Greyhound racing

The state of Colorado is making an effort to join the other 42 jurisdictions in the United States that have already prohibited the sport, gambling on it, or both. These states and jurisdictions can be found in the United States.

On Monday, the House Finance Committee in the state of Colorado brought forward and approved a new legislative action for the state’s consideration. Should the measure be approved, Colorado will become the most recent state to prohibit betting on a sport that a lot of people consider to be cruel.

Taking Legal Action on the Legalization of Horse Racing 

Although there are only two operational racetracks left, both of which are owned by Delaware North, a firm based in Buffalo, Colorado is resolved to act in response to concerns about the welfare of animals despite the fact that there are only two operating racetracks left.

However, both racetracks may be found in the neighboring state of West Virginia. The most recent legal action taken addresses what House Majority Leader Monica Duran and other members of the House of Representatives believe to be a loophole in the law. 

The initial suggestion to outlaw greyhound racing was made in 2014, but it did allow for simulcast betting on the sport to continue. This was done not so much as a way to find a way around the ban on greyhound racing as it was to find a way to fund a greyhound rescue program.

However, the most recent attempt, which is titled “Prohibit Wagering on Simulcast Greyhound Races,” appears to be a fairly straightforward matter for the legislative body. This is because the bill is receiving support in both the Senate and the House, which should guarantee that it will be passed.

The Industry of Horse Racing Will Experience Similar Effects

There is no denying that there are those who have voiced their opposition to the plan. Horse breeders and racers in the state are worried that if simulcasting is banned starting October 1, 2024, the state’s horse racing business might not have enough time to find another way to make money.

Even though it was written with greyhound racing in mind, the measure has the potential to have significant repercussions for the horse racing sector as well. According to Carey Thiel, who works for Grey2K USA, an organization that rescues greyhounds, there has in fact been a gap in the way that the greyhound racing industry and the horse racing industry have been reformed. This information was provided to the Courthouse News Service. 

While this is going on, the Colorado measure is more concerned with addressing businesses that host simulcast races than it is with directly addressing online gambling. For instance, local operators in some jurisdictions have already been prohibited from accepting wagers from residents of states in which gambling on the sport is illegal.

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