GVC Launches New Gambling Safeguards Amit COVID-19 Pandemic

GVC Launches New Gambling Safeguards Amit COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has stunned the gaming industry on both sides of the Atlantic. To date, the pandemic has affected over 600,000 people directly and caused over 25,000 deaths. Gambling companies are now taking measures to provide a safe betting environment to its patrons.

GVC takes steps for user protection

British gambling giant GVC Holdings came out in support of BGC’s timely approach to safeguarding the industry. It said that it aims to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus and is focusing on providing a safe betting and gaming atmosphere to the user. It recently claimed that it is releasing more accountable gambling precautionary measures that can provide a “safe form of casual entertainment” to their patrons.

GVC Launches New Gambling Safeguards Amit COVID-19 Pandemic

GVC is one of the largest gaming and sports betting groups in the world. It currently offers, bingo, casino, poker, and sports betting services to patrons.

What are the safety measures?

GVC will ensure that customers do not move beyond their financial limits at a time when household lockdown may prompt them to gamble more than usual. As several countries have announced lockdowns, thousands of people now have more free time to dedicate to gambling online. This means that problems gamblers will have a hard time in keeping a distance from these opportunities. Moreover, new problem gambling issues can also arise during these stressful times.

The gambling company identified that increased isolation will not just induce financial stress on the users but would also lead them to make poor decisions. In such times, the group wants to take several decisive actions on work on different strategies that could provide more protection to problem customers.

Kenneth Alexander, the CEO of GVC Holdings said that the company is trying to keep its customers safe without interfering with their enjoyment. He said,

“The group is highly sensitive to the huge risk for those who have been living in isolation at home or encountered financial woes with lesser access to work.”

New enhanced tools at work will help GVC customers control their time and spending on the platform better. Its markers of harm are also tracking play more effectively. He added that the industry has the responsibility to provide maximum protection to its most vulnerable customers.

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