Tribal Casinos in Iowa Will Continue Their Coronavirus Smoking Ban

Tribal Casinos in Iowa Will Continue Their Coronavirus Smoking Ban

The tribal casinos in Iowa will continue to impose their coronavirus-related smoke ban to lessen the impact of the transmission of the virus.

Casinos still not allowing smoking

Casinos in Iowa will continue to remain smoke-free as they plan to keep their workers and guests away from risks of COVID-19 transmission. WinnaVegas Casino Resort, Prairie Flower Casino, Meskwaki Bingo Casino, and Blackbird Bend Casino were the four casinos that reopened their gates in June and July. The casinos, like their peers, remained shut for months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Iowa Public Radio announced recently that the casinos will continue to ban smoking inside their premises.

Tribal Casinos in Iowa Will Continue Their Coronavirus Smoking Ban

Rev. Richard McGowan, a finance professor at the Boston College, said that the casinos are coming up with these precautions to ensure that their patrons and casino floor is safe. He said that when someone smokes, there are higher chances of another person inhaling infected smoke. He also said that it might not be possible for someone to keep wearing a mask while they are smoking.

Face masks requirements clash

The state has several tribal and commercial casinos that are now recommending face masks for their guests. At least 10 casinos have made it mandatory for visitors to wear masks when they are on the premises. Some others are also ensuring the same when visitors are at a six feet distance or less from each other. Thirteen other casinos have not made masks mandatory but they require some kind of facial coverings.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska operates the Flower Casino in Carter Lake. Its chairman Larry Wright Jr. said that the face mask requirements clashed directly with smoking permitted. He said that mandating a face covering will not be 100% effective when people are allowed to smoke. The casino has banned smoking since it reopened in June. Wright also acknowledged that some of their guests disagreed with the ban.

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