NGCB Rules In Favor of BetMGM To Allow It To Void Late Bets on Baseball Games

NGCB Rules In Favor of BetMGM To Allow It To Void Late Bets on Baseball Games

BetMGM recently received a favorable ruling from the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB). This will allow the sportsbooks operator to void late bets in international baseball games.

A June 28 game in question

The operator will now be able to void bets worth $200,000 that was placed past-post during a baseball game between Taiwanese and Korean teams on June 28. According to the company, some bettors at the Bellagio took advantage of an error in manual entry to place bets on the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) and KBO League long after the games kicked off.

NGCB Rules In Favor of BetMGM To Allow It To Void Late Bets on Baseball Games

Though this error did not guarantee a win for the bettors, it gave them undue advantage over sportsbooks. ESPN suggests that at least 50 parlays were placed on the games after they were already in motion. A 10-leg parlay could have easily wielded around $137,000 if the sportsbook honored their ticket. The broadcaster reported about BetMGM’s favorable winnings on Tuesday. It was later confirmed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

A BetMGM spokesperson said,

“I can confirm that we’ve now received word from the NCGB that it has approved our request to rescind and refund the past-post wagers.”

What did gamblers do?

The gamblers booked over $250,000 in winning bets. Before the sportsbook realized the mistake and stopped honoring the winning tickets for CPBL and KBO games, some bettors had already encashed their tickets. Others waited for longer, hoping that honoring of initial payouts will provide them the same benefits. A Twitter user going by the handle @AudreyR2d2 said that two players paid more than $40,000 at the cage. A few days before, there was news about an 8-team parlay that paid $11,000 or more.

The incorrect start times led to the biggest past-posting loss in the history of Vegas. Sportsbooks often face small mistakes which are usually settled via private negotiations with the bettors. The bettors can usually choose to accept a ban from the sportsbook but keep their winnings or chose to void the bet and get a refund.

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