Playson unveils Cash Blast promotional tool

Playson unveils Cash Blast promotional tool

Playson launched last week a new promotional tool developed to take its online gaming experience to a whole new level. 

Cash Blast intends to keep players entertained throughout the promotions by giving away huge rewards randomly in any Playson’s real-money slots.

Cash Blast promo tool

Playson presents Cash Blast

Playson said its newest promotional tool redefines everything players know about their slots. 

With Cash Blast, every second of the game presents an exciting twist as players get a chance to win huge prizes in a random order.

The game developer explained it created the tool for two purposes: deliver more rewards and drive players’ engagement on their slots.

The developer utilized a sophisticated algorithm to figure out at which point players’ activities tend to subside in any promotional tool. The findings allowed Playson to come up with a promo tool that will keep players on their toes from start to finish.  

Aside from the non-stop fun it offers, the promotional tool enables players to track their remaining Cash Blasts within the game’s toolbar. They would know that the tool has been activated once a pop notification appears.

Cash Blast has already shown promising results during the initial network promotions. The tool has proven to bump up the average number of spins and player retention rate for Playson’s select partner operators. 

Overall, the tool appears like another major breakthrough innovation by Playson, which always strives to improve their clients’ performance.  

Additionally, Cash Blast has a ready-to-plug-in feature that needs no further integration. It also doesn’t alter a game’s RTP, ensuring fair play for its customers.

Quotes from the Press Release

 Gusyeva Ganna, the product owner at Playson, commented on the launch of Cash Blast: 

“We’re proud to reveal this exciting feature to our partners and players. The Cash Blast tool will forever change the way players experience Playson slots, knowing they have the added possibility of winning big from outside the traditional slot gameplay.

“Using a sophisticated algorithm, we are able to analyse gaps during promotions where player activity was low. Therefore, we’ve devised the Cash Blast tool to keep players entertained across the entire length of a promotion, rather than just the start.”


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