Spillemyndigheden reveals over 30,000 self-exclusion via ROFUS 

Spillemyndigheden reveals over 30,000 self-exclusion via ROFUS 

The Danish Gaming Authority, Spillemyndigheden, has released the latest statistics on self-excluded bettors in the country who have opted out of gambling via the Register of Voluntary Excluded Players.

Spillemyndigheden reports on increase in self-excluded bettors

According to the released report, a total of 30,451 players self-barred during ROFUS’ 2021 fiscal year, which ended December 31, including both temporarily and permanently excluded players, since ROFUS permits self-exclusion terms of 24 hours, one, three, or six months, or indefinite barring.

By the end of ROFUS’ inaugural year in 2012, 1,456 Danes had self-excluded, rising to double digits in 2017 at 12,877, before nearly doubling to a total of 21,586 in 2017. 

Spillemyndigheden attributes this spike in player exclusions, which has occurred at a pace of 4,000 each year, to increased promotion and referral of consumers to ROFUS and referrals ‘in a more visible manner’ via operator websites.

Furthermore, the data found that young males were the most likely to self-exclude from the gambling market, accounting for 76% of all excluded individuals, while the 20-29-year-old and 30-39 year old age groups accounted for 58% and 26% and 22% of all restricted gamblers, respectively.

In comparison, women aged 20-29 and 30-39 accounted for barely 4% and 6% of overall self-exclusion, respectively, but the latter accounted for the most self-excluded females, followed by 40-49 and 50-59 at 5% apiece.

Quotes from the Press Release

“The Gaming Authority aims to maintain a properly regulated gaming sector in Denmark, where money gambling is conducted responsibly,” Spillemyndigheden declared.

“Protection of players is a critical job for the Gaming Authority, and the board maintains a department dedicated to responsible gaming. The department is responsible for administering both ROFUS and StopSpillet, the Gaming Authority’s gaming addiction guide.”



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