PCI to Run a New Gaming Awareness Campaign in Alabama

PCI to Run a New Gaming Awareness Campaign in Alabama

A new announcement from Poarch Creek Indians (PCI) revealed a public awareness campaign for gaming in the state of Alabama.

Communications important for the sector

The public awareness campaign is designed to communicate the details of the state’s comprehensive gaming plan. PCI suggests that the new gaming plan will help generate billions of dollars for the state in tax revenue apart from creating new jobs.

PCI to Run a New Gaming Awareness Campaign in Alabama

This plan will come to fruition as the state plans to construct two new deluxe tourist resorts. It also seeks to support the citizens’ rights to vote on gaming-related issues. One of the most important issues here will be the existence of an Alabama state lottery. AL.com recently quoted Governor Kay Ivey as saying, “start it in the legislature,” when asked about the plan for a state lottery.

The lottery is a crucial issue in the state, and Senator Greg Albritton introduced a bill for the same in the Senate. He managed to pass the Senate by a very narrow margin, but the House didn’t vote favorably.

What does PCI think about gaming?

PCI chair and CEO Stephanie Bryan said that the organization believes in harnessing the economic power of the gaming sector to help create more opportunities in the state. She added that the gaming plan fulfills these promises and PCI intends to specify its position on the sector.

PCI owns the PBCI Gaming business which has suffered disrepute because of an anonymous groups’ public misinformation campaign. The entire campaign was designed to malign the tribe’s reputation, create confusion around gaming taxation and regulation, and misrepresent their position on gaming in the state.

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians has strongly stated their position on gaming via a comprehensive new plan and a public awareness campaign. They are spreading their message via www.winningforalabama.com; a gaming policy-focused website that allows citizens to speak their minds on gaming-related concerns. The site also gives communities an opportunity to connect directly with the state leaders and the Tribe and share their most critical issues.

Bryan added that she hopes their campaign will help push for a robust gaming plan for the state and bring a host of economic benefits. She said that everyone in Alabama should be able to access authentic information about gaming plans in the state to help them make better decisions about this issue. The chairperson reiterated that a good gaming plan could be key to maintaining the well-being and quality of life for the citizens.

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