Best CSGO Betting Sites in 2023

CSGO betting sitesYou are not a true gamer if you do not know CSGO. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently one of the best esports. And given its increased demand over the years, the number of CSGO gambling sites has also increased. However, not all are safe and good for you. We have thoroughly tested the best CSGO Betting Sites and handpicked the Top 4 that tick all the boxes.

So to help you choose a site that is safe and that has legit services, we are going to review some of the top CSGO gambling available today. When you choose any of the CSGO gambling sites on our list, you can rest assured of getting fair odds and enjoy customer protection.

But before we get into the list, let’s get you up to speed.

Top 3 CSGO Betting Sites of 2023

If you don’t have time to read our guide in full, here’s a list of our top-rated CSGO betting sites:

  1. Bovada – Best for fast payouts
  2. Bet365 – a Well Rounded betting portfolio
  3. CSGO Empire – Best for GSGO Skins banking
  4. CSGOFast – Diverse CSGO Betting Platform

Our Recommended CSGO Betting Site 2021

Our Rating

  • Great Welcome Sports Betting Bonus of $250
  • Excellent Selection of CSGO Leagues To Choose From
  • Live Betting Option Available
  • Reliable & Fast Payouts

What is CSGO?

For those who are new to the term and have no clue what we are talking about, CSGO is an online game that has been around for close to a decade. The game pits you against other players in different game modes, including defuse the bomb, deathmatches, hostage rescue missions, and bomb prevention.

Given that CSGO has been around for quite some time, you would assume that older betting sites are better for it. But this is not always true. Old betting sites have a wealth of experience under their belt, but the newer betting sites have the luxury of building sites that avoid mistakes made by the oldies in the industry. Also, new platforms offer better deposit bonuses and bonus code to lure in more punters faster.

Note: But you don’t have to avoid a betting site because it is old. Follow the criteria we shall provide and see if it passes the test.

Our criteria for choosing the best betting sites

Below are the criteria we followed when creating the list below.

  • Markets – broad markets equal more options and a better experience
  • Welcome bonus – who doesn’t love free bets
  • Payment options – the more, the merrier
  • Gambling options – other markets and sports are considered
  • Secure and provably fair – encryption level & regulated

Best CSGO Gambling Sites

1. Bovada – excellent selection of CSGO leagues tochoose from

Bovada stepped up a bit late but made up for it quickly when it came to launching CSGO betting. They have pretty deep pockets and a well-established sportsbook, online casino and poker room, so it’s no surprise that their CSGO coverage is comprehensive, giving players a good variety of leagues to choose from.

Bovada currently offer lines on ESL Pro League North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia, plus CLUTCH, ESEA MDL, ESL Benelux and Svenska Eltserien. They have live betting for CSGO too, which is always a good addition. And the Props offering is deep, with tons of bets beyond the lines and spreads.

Payment-wise, they accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (with better bonuses when you use them), as well as standard credit cards and Player Transfer.


  • Good selection of CSGO leagues to choose from
  • Live betting option
  • Reliable payouts
  • Big name, trusted


  • Lines sometimes disappear, without explanation
  • Standard currencies have smaller bonuses compared to when you use Bitcoin.

CSGO Betting Bovada

2. Bet365 – a Well Rounded betting portfolio

Bet365 is among the top betting platforms in the world. It has earned its position by offering variety, including casino betting, sports betting, and now CSGO. It truly offers an all-round betting portfolio.

Bet365 covers major tournaments, including BLAST tournament, ECS, ESL Pro League, Majors, and more. And unlike many betting sites, it provides odds for qualifiers, including the IEM regional qualifiers. You can earn some extra cash betting on these qualifiers as you await the main events.

Unfortunately, Bet365 might not have lots of CSGO matches to bet on like other sites on the list, but it is continually increasing the number of matches available. It offers correct score betting and map winners, which is more than we can say for other betting sites. As the icing on the cake, CSGO has live betting and comes with high odds. But on the flip side, many of these live matches tend to be blocked for prolonged periods, and it can be annoying.

How do you make payments? Credit cards are the most common payment method on Bet365. The deposits are simple and fast. However, you can also explore e-wallet options as well, including PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Bank wire and Cheque deposits are available options, but not many punters use them.


  • It has a great mobile platform
  • The live betting platform is impeccable
  • It has a good reputation
  • Offers cashout feature


  • It lacks CSGO live streaming
  • The CSGO markets are limited
  • Live markets are usually blocked

CSGO Betting Bet365

3. CSGO Empire – The Best Gambling website (skin deposit)

Even though the CSGO Empire is famous for its skin gambling, including crash and coin flip, it is also one of the best trendsetting CSGO betting sites in the industry. They are continually adding features to the platform, and recently they added CSGO match betting, which is a big success with punters who would like to withdraw skins from their wins.

The platform has a variety of deposit methods, including Skins, cryptocurrency (including Ethereum), Skrill, and Visa. Unfortunately, they do not have the same variety as their withdrawal options. Currently, the platform only accepts skin withdrawals. So if you do not fancy getting your wins in skins, you should look elsewhere.


  • It supports numerous deposit methods
  • A daily free case you can open
  • It supports skin withdrawal


  • The customer support is slow
  • The welcome bonus is not too generous
  • It lacks variety in withdrawal options

CSGO Empire

4. CSGOFast – Diverse CSGO Betting Platform

ONe of te best GO gambling sites around, initially, CSGOFast was a site for presenting bettors with a lucrative CSGO jackpot size. However, over the years, the site has grown, and it now offers numerous CSGO games, including blackjack CSGO, CSGO roulette, and more.

There is no doubt that CSGOFast has one of the best lists of eSport games in the industry. This allows you to wager on your favourite sports all day long. If you want to wager on Rocket League, or football hybrid, or any other market you are into, then CSGOFast is your betting site. Some of the CSGO gambling markets include Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, the CSGO tournament, and the iLeague.

CSGO has a vast selection of casino games for both real money and CSGO skin betting. When you sign up, you can get in on the fun immediately. As for the promotions and bonuses, you receive a reasonable £0.50. You can use this money in any game you wish.


  • Has a vast inventory of skins
  • It as a range of CSGO products
  • The withdrawals are fast


  • It could feature more eSport matches
  • Support doesn’t have live chat
  • The graphics are not the best


How you can bet on CSGO

There is no doubt that CSGO is a competitive game and is giving other games a run for their money in terms of audience and profitability. Once you choose a site from the list, you can proceed to place bets.

All you need is to create an account and make a first deposit the minimum amount as per the platform you sign up to. Once you log in, choose a team you are rooting for and place your wager. Remember, you can also place live bets on the team that will emerge victorious in the first round.

And since we are on the topic, here are some types of CSGO betting to consider.

  • Betting – this is by far the most common type of betting. In betting, you simply place a wager on an outcome of a match between players or teams (the same way you would when betting on regular sports matches). But there is so much more you can bet on aside from the outcome. For instance, you can place your money or skins on the team that will get the first kill, the exact score of the match, and other possibilities (markets). The variety of markets that come with this type of bet makes it one of the most appreciated forms of CSGO betting in the industry.


  • Roulette – this is a classic game that both beginner and expert gamblers understand very well. It is also popular in CSGO gambling. With CSGO roulette, you use your coins to place bets on either green, red, or black, and then an RNG spins a reel once all bets are in. The red and black are evenly split in terms of payout and odds, while green represents the 00 or 0. This means that the odds of getting green is lower. If you are using sins you don’t care for, then betting on the green is a great idea because if you lose, it won’t hurt as much. But if you ’bet’ on green and it wins, you will walk away with a big prize. As for odds on the black and red, the more times you bet, the higher your chances are of winning.


  • Crash – you have probably come across Crash on some CSGO gambling platforms since it’s a popular method of gambling skins. CSGO Crash is by far the most volatile of all gambling games but also the most exciting. To play, you need to keep track of a number that continually increases, and that crashes at random intervals. When the bets are in, the multiplier will climb, and the winnings show after it is high enough. The higher the multiplier is, the larger the prize. But if the multiplier crashes before you do anything, you lose to the house.


  • Coin flip – this is a popular game in CSGO gambling. Its simplicity is what endears it to people and makes it popular. The game is a one-on-one match between two players willing to gambling for skins. To play, you create a new game or join an existing game and decide which of your CSGO items you will gamble.
Note: These games don’t place a limit to the amount you can bet, but there is a limit as to how payers can match up. If you start the game, you choose items worth five points (at minimum) from your CS: GO inventory, and then a player joining should match this value +/- 10%. The coin flip is done by an RNG, which ensures the game is fair for all players.
  • Dice – this is a one player RNG game that allows you to put a pot you like and then roll a virtual dice in the hope of winning skins from the roll. To play, you deposit money into your account, then convert the money into coins. With every roll, you bet your free coins and decide on a percentage of the bet before rolling the dice. If the numbers are right, you win.
Note: This game is ideal for punters who like to have control over their bet settings.
  • Jackpot – this is a game where you create a comprehensive list of items on CSGO. When the pot is full, the RNG decides the player that will walk away with the wins. Bear in mind that the player who puts in more money in the pot has a high chance of winning. Yes, winning increases with tickets. The more valuable the items in the pot are, the more tickets you will receive, and the higher your chances of winning.

Factors to consider when choosing a CSGO Gambling site

There are several factors you should consider when choosing the best CSGO betting site. Below is a quick breakdown.

Safety of the CSGO betting sites

Since its real money on the line, it is important to make sure that you consider the reputation when choosing between the CSGO betting sites. In the UK, for example, the sites that have a license from the UKGC offer their customers with high safety and ensure you have a fair betting experience.

Moreover, the site that you choose should have a certain level of encryption to keep your deposit safe from hackers. In addition, it is important that the site is straight forward with its offers and doesn’t try to confuse you with complex terms and conditions.

The CSGO bets the betting site offers

The CSGO betting site you choose should have loads of wagering options. The higher the options, the more fun, and excitement you will have. In addition, the site should cover loads of CSGO tournaments and events, including DreamHack and Intel Extreme Masters.

The generosity of the CSGO betting site

The point of betting is to win. If you can win big even better. In light of this, CSGO betting sites with low odds leaves a lot to be desired. Even when you win a bet, since the reward is small, you will not appreciate it as much. Moreover, you should check the betting limits of the site so that you know just how much money you can win.

In addition to competitive odds, the site should give bonuses and promotions that are worth your while. When you sign up, it should give you some money to give you a boost. And the terms and conditions related to these bonuses and promotions should be reasonable and achievable.

The ease of making bets on the platform

There is more to a CSGO betting site than just the odds. The experience you have on a platform also depends on how fast deposits and withdrawals are. You should also consider the number of payment options available, including e-wallets, debit cards, and credit cards.

The last thing you want is for the deposits and withdrawals to take a long time before reflecting you their respective accounts. And even when you experience such problems from time to time, you need to know that the customer support staff will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Extra features available

Some CSGO betting sites go the extra mile and include extra services to the esports bets. This is evident in the live betting options. Here, you can place in-play CSGO bets for good wagers and with additional accuracy.

Other cool features you should be on the look-out for include VIP programs, improved odds casino gaming options.

The downfall of Skin Betting

CSGO fascinates many around the world. In 2016, the game sold 25+ million copies, which represented massive growth. The players continue to grow to-date. Despite the thrill and the new way of gambling, what intrigues many is the use of skin, which are interchangeable for actual money.


You can purchase appearances or exchange them for real money. This has been the most controversial growing market that generated multiple changes and developments for CSGO betting sites. The occurrence of the FPS games grew tremendously in two years that multiplayer shooter by Valve got over 1500% new players. This fueled the excitement that indeed there is actual money on the line for every game and that you can place your bets on the skins. And in case you are wondering, the bets were not marginal. In 2015, more than 2.3 billion dollars was placed in the CSGO skins. Over 3 million punters took part in the bets.

The fall

The CSGO Lounge site is one of the most visited sites. It receives more than 38 million visits every month. With such a high number of visits, it only means that the bets placed were high as well. And it’s true. As mentioned above, the bets placed were in the tunes of millions. But about $1.2 million of the bets were on games between Fnatic and Luminosity. It is because of these statistics and more that contributed to the fall of the CSGO betting. Valve was left with lawsuits, and eventually, they wrote a cease and desist letter to the skin betting sites, including CSGO Lounge.

Problems with SkinPay

The skin in some of the games, including CSGO, Dota 2, and League of legends do not enhance your ability in the game. They only change the visual of your character in the game. Skins are what dictate the appearance of your weapon, including its shooting effect. And in eSports betting, the sins are a form of currency that players use to place bets. The price of skin starts from a couple of cents to thousands.

The issue with this payment

The eSports community allows you to place bets with any skin through the CSGO gambling sites. But they have limitations. Some bookmakers don’t allow betting with specific sins. And also, the value of the skins fluctuates a lot because new attractive and items are constantly being added to the games.


Because of the above, SkinPay is not a reliable betting method. When you place a bet and win, the value of the skins you win might not be the same as the value you placed. And even if the value has not taken a dip, you will need to rush to convert them to cash.

Final thoughts on CSGO betting sites

There are several CSGO betting sites you can bet on. However, as we have seen above, there are several factors you should consider before signing up to a platform. We have made a list that you can use to guide you. But in the event, you come across a site not on the list, use our criteria to determine it is good for you or not.

Our Recommended CSGO Betting Site 2021

Our Rating

  • Great Welcome Sports Betting Bonus of $250
  • Excellent Selection of CSGO Leagues To Choose From
  • Live Betting Option Available
  • Reliable & Fast Payouts


Is betting on CSGO Safe?

Yes, it is. There are many legitimate and secure websites available. However, you need to be keen on the sites you choose to sign up to. At the very least, the website should have a strong level of encryption to keep players funds secure from the prying eyes. Good reputation and credibility is of utmost importance too. Treat any site not on our list with suspicion and avoid scam. Also, ensure the website is allowed in your country.

Can you gamble with CSGO Skin?

No, this is not possible. Well, not like punters did a couple of years back. CSGO lounge and a couple of other CSGO betting sites were closed by Valve legally. A cease and desist letter as written, which prohibits the use of GO skins in this manner.

What is CSGO Crash?

This is a high risk-high reward casino game. There is a multiplier that rises and crashes at any time. At times it crashes immediately after starting, and other times it goes well over 50x. However, if it crashes before you cash in, then you lose to the house.

What are VGO Skins?

VGO skins are based on blockchains collectibles. They were adopted after CSGO skins were banned. However, the VGO skins are different from their predecessors. For one, they cannot be shut down or frozen since they are decentralized blockchains and operate without the legal confines of the conventional financial structures.

What tournaments can I bet on?

There are many tournaments you can get involved in – the big tournaments (Majors’ and the smaller ones. The Majors are sponsored the matches are available in almost every betting site worth its salt. However, smaller tournaments are available on platforms whose focus is on eSports betting. Such sites include ArcaneBet, Loot bet, and GG Bet.

Can I bet on CSGO through my mobile device?

Yes, this is a possibility. But the CSGO betting site needs to have a mobile web app through which you place the bets. At the very least, the desktop site should be optimized for mobile use.

How can I watch CSGO Matches?

You can stream the CSGO online.

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