Best Free Online Casino Slots 2024

There are lots of reasons why people enjoy playing online slots. At the top of the list is the fact that they are visually appealing and very entertaining. Second, slots are easy games, and anyone (even those who have just discovered online slots) can play successfully. But even with their simplicity, there is a chance you could win some real cash. And on top of it all, there are some mega jackpots you could win. But before you go around spending your hard-earned cash on slots, you need to learn how they work and some simple strategies to tip the odds in your favor. To do this, you will need to pay free slots.

Playing slots for free is the perfect way to learn the hoops. You may not earn some money, but in the end, you will learn a lot of tricks that will predispose you to the possibility of huge wins soon. With that said, below is a quick guide to introduce you to everything you need to know about free casino slots, including which are the best.

Let’s kick this off with the basics.

Top 3 Free Slot Casino Sites of 2024

Here’s a snapshot overview of the top 3 US online casinos for playing free slot games:

  1. Red Dog Casino – One of the largest slot games libraries
  2. Big Spin Casino – Wide range of payment opotions available to US players
  3. BoVegas Casino – Best collection of RTG games

Our Recommended Free Slots Casino

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RedDog Casino

History of slots

History of SlotsThe first mention of slot machines is recorded to be in the late 1800s. This was when Pitman and Sitt (a company based in Brooklyn, New York) came up with a five-reel machine that used cards for symbols. A couple of years later, Charles Augustus Fey from San Francisco improved on the idea by making a three-reel slot game that used picture symbols instead of cards. This was the first slot machine that looked more like what we see today.

A century later (in the 1970s, another variation of slots was made – video slots. The creation of this version paved ay to the reality of digital slots we enjoy in the 21st century. Video slots have since moved online where players come to play their favorite slots games without having to leave the comfort of their homes. And when casinos went online, they immediately included slots to their range of games without hesitation.

In the past decade, slots have continued to evolve. Though little progress has been made in terms of layout and basic structure, they are now available on smartphones. This was made possible through the improved mobile tech. Currently, if online casino don’t have free slot apps or a mobile site, they have nothing to leverage sign-ups from new players.

Are free online slot games legal?

Clearly, they have a rich and long history. But you cannot help but wonder if free online casinos are legal or not. Well, the question of legality doesn’t have a straight answer. When considering the legality of anything product, we always have to consider the rules of the industry. In this case, the US has UIGEA laws that were passed in 2006. These laws effectively banned online gambling sites, including free slots online.

However, this doesn’t mean that free slots are illegal because, so far, no one has been jailed for participating. And also, if it were illegal to play slots, we wouldn’t be wasting our time recommending the best free slots to you. What the law did was zero in on financial institutions. It cut off its legs in the hopes of crippling the online gambling industry in the US. And to some extent, it did. But over the years, entrepreneurs and players in the industry have found a way around the laws.

With that said, you should make sure you are not playing free slots in a rogue casino. How can you confirm this? Simple. Every online casino is expected to act within the confined of the law. The only way it can show it abides by the law is providing a license of operation for the country it provides its services.

Having a license not only means the casino is legal, but it also means that it subjects itself to the regulations of the body offering the license.

How online free slots work

How online free slots workBoth free and real money slots work the same. They all have reels with different symbols, depending on the slot theme. When you play, the reels spin and stop giving a random combination of the symbols. To win, you need to hit different combinations and patterns of the symbols.


When you play a single payline, and when you play 20 different paylines, you expect different results. Generally, the more paylines, the higher your chances of winning, and you are more likely to get jackpots and bonuses. With the free slots online, the bonuses and progressive jackpots are not in the form of real money. With every payline, you need to place a bet.

The RNG (random number generator)

Each online slot game depends on an RNG. The RNG is responsible for coming up with the random numbers in milliseconds. Every time you click on spin, random numbers/patterns are generated. RNGs are in play at every online casino.

Simply put, they control the outcome of every slot and ensure the casino doesn’t rig the slot game against you. Yes, it is a free game, but you still want it to be fair. It’s also important to note that free slot games don’t have memories. This means that they don’t remember whether you won the previous round or lost. It also doesn’t care if you have been playing all day without a win or not. Subsequent combinations remain unaffected because every spin is independent and different from the rest.

Independent companies test RNG software used for free or paid slot games before they are put to use. This ensures that the outcomes are fair and legit. If you want to ensure the casino you are playing at is legit, you should check if Technical Systems Testing certifies it.

Types of free slot games

Slot games come in several different forms, as described below.

  • 3-reel slots – these are also known as single slot machines. A 3-reel slot is by far the most straight forward game there is. It’s simple and easy to understand. It’s also the best type of slot for newcomers to use to familiarize themselves with the games.
  • Multiple reel slots – this type of slot comes with a minimum of five slots. The work like 3-reel slot games, but they have more symbols. Also, these types of slots have more bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers, and betting options.
  • Bonus slot game – it’s hard to miss a bonus slot game because it is clearly labeled as such. Bonus slot games are triggered by various symbols or combinations on the reels. Many punters love playing these games because they enjoy the bonuses that follow.
  • Free spin slot games – this game comes with free spins. It allows you to spin the reels for free when certain symbols appear on the payline.

Best Software Developers of Free Slots

Just because a slot is free doesn’t mean it is good for you. And even if you don’t pay money for the slot, it doesn’t mean that you should be stuck with a shitty game. Aside from choosing the actual game, the software game developer behind the game also matters a lot. Below are some of the top free slot game developers in the industry.


The company was born in 1999. Ever since its inception, it has worked its behind off to the top of the food chain. And today, it is one of the most popular slot software developers in the industry. No year passes without the company being recognized with an award. In fact, it won the Global Gaming Awards in 2016. The games it makes are renowned the world over and come with catchy titles like Gladiator. Expectedly, the Gladiator slot game is based on the movie ‘Gladiator.’ Aside from this, Playtech knows how to secure licenses for TV shows and movies that their slot fans can never get enough of. This includes Baywatch, Deal or No Deal, and Britain’s Got Talent.


This is another big name in the slot developing industry. It has been supplying slot games to casinos for more than forty years. Over this time, it has created a selection of eclectic slots, including Triple Diamond. Other popular slots by this software developer include Cleopatra and Family guy. Though it is one of the oldest software developing companies in the industry, it is not set on its ways. It has learned how to adapt to the changing times smoothly and without throwing its partners off balance.


This is an Australian developer who has been in the online casino industry since 1999. It makes its games with a lot of pride, and many online casinos trust with slots that go on their sites. NextGen always gives their creatives free rein when coming with themes and designs. This is the reason why the game ooze originality and the characters shine through. The games also tend to be diverse and fresh. Some of the slot titles include Psycho and Foxin’ Wins.


This is an avid software game developer that has produced more than 350 online classic slots since 1994. This might seem like a small number, but when you consider how long it takes to complete one slot design, suddenly it feels like a huge feat. Some of the games it has made over the years include Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones-themed slots.

Also, you might have heard of Microgaming because it is responsible for the famous free slot – Mega Moolah. Overall, they pay keen attention to detail.


This company is from Sweden. It is one of the biggest and the most trusted among game developers. It has won many rewards over the years since its inception in 1996. The games are packed with a lot of innovative features and have great graphics, which is the icing on the cake. Some of the popular titles include Guns N’ Roses and Dracula.

Where to find the best free online casino slots

This is a great question. Free slot machines are like real money slots, but you play without placing a bet – this much is clear. But where do you find them? Simple; you can get them through a casino bonus, or you can earn free spins on a slot. But even better, a couple of casinos have a bunch of classic slots they let you play for free without even signing up. If you use a casino bonus to play free slots online, you get to have all the fun, no risk, and still stand a chance to win loads of prizes.

Playing without spending your casino bonus sounds too good to be true. But it happens. You can either play in demo more as explained above; you can take advantage of the truly free slots casinos provide, albeit with some limitations from software game providers.

The last option you have to try some of the best free slots in the industry is by leveraging slot review platforms. Some platforms offer their readers access to play free casino slots as an incentive to remain loyal readers. And the beauty of playing through review sites is that you get to test out different free slot machines from a variety of companies instead of being limited to two.

Best Free Slot Casino

With al the online casino regulations in the US, not all top casino operate within the US. But this doesn’t mean you ae doomed. Some top online casinos have found ways to entertain US citizens legally.

1. Reg Dog Casino

We have seen loads of online casinos but none as unique as Reg Dog Casino. It stands out from the crowd by sticking to its dog theme. For pet lovers, this enhances the playing experience all the more. During sign up, it offers 50 free spins to use on slot games. But the welcome bonus is not the end. As a regular player on the platform you’ll get a lot of bonuses to keep things entertaining.

The free slots and other games are from Real time gaming (a reputable company with a rich history in the industry). It offers different games based a variety of unique themes, genres and features. Whether you have a specific preference or not, you are bound to come across a slot you’ll fall in love with. Moreover, the casino is available on mobile as well.


  • Generous bonuses
  • Quality gaming slots
  • It has live chat, email, and phone support 24/7 all year round


  • It’s slightly new to the industry
  • It has a limited number of payment methods
  • It doesn’t have many slot games

RedDog Free Slots

2. Big Spin

For a relatively new casino, BigSpin is quite impressive. It works closely with Betsoft which is best known for slots games. Betsoft doesn’t have a vast number of slot titles like other slot companies do. But what it lacks in volume it more than makes up for in gaming quality and experience. They have 3D games whose graphics are through the roof. In addition to real money slots, BigSpin and Betsoft present you with some free slots. You can enjoy these without paying real money but you will have to be a member to enjoy the full experience.


  • It prioritises quality over quantity
  • It has high quality slot machine games
  • It has a wide range of payment opotions available to US players


  • It doesn’t have a lot of free slots
  • It’s a relatively new casino
  • Bonuses are only available to paying customers

BigSpin Casino Free Slots

3. BoVegas

This casino has a wide selection of video slots and games. It was started in 2017 and is powered by Real Time Gaming. To compliment the numerous game titles (including slot games), the casino created a website where the game graphics can shine through. You can access the game through your mobile phone. Though it offers some free slots through bonuses and free spins, you can enjoy the platform by taing advantage of its many bonuses.


  • It has a large collection of RTG games
  • It has a generous welcome bonus
  • It has live support all day long


  • It doesn’t have live casino games (if you ever choose to progress from free online slot machines)
  • All withdrawals are charged
  • Players from some countries are barred from entry

BoVegas Free Slots

The advantages of playing free slots

Playing free slots is a great idea for a couple of reasons. Below are some reasons, as explained by expert gamblers.

They are risk-free and loads of fun

Whether you want to play slots for adventure or to strategically build your knowledge on the slots and eventually be a pro in the industry, free slots are a great option. They will run exactly as a real money slot would.

Free slots are especially perfect for players who aren’t into gambling but still have the need to play online games. And depending on where you get the free slots, you will benefit from high-quality graphics.

You get to experiment with different studios and software

Regardless of your reasons for choosing to play free slots, you will experience more with free slots than you would when playing real money slots with a limited budget. The experiences come from trying out different types of slot software, which is great. You get to explore different types of niches, styles, and quality without spending a dime. Many players who immerse themselves in real money slots without experiencing free slots have no idea of the differences between the different software companies, which frankly puts them at a disadvantage.

Moreover, trying different slots means that you get to learn which casino is best to sign up to. This is because most casinos take stock games from a couple of software developers. So if you enjoy a specific slot, you will sign up to the casino that has it on offer.

You get to sample different formats

Long with discovering your preferred slot software theme and supplier, you also get to interact with a variety of slots and decide which ones you enjoy best. Once you have a working knowledge of the slots, you can create a shortlist of the free slots you would want to play frequently before you proceed to place a wager on them. This will ensure you are prepared for what the slots throw at you.

Slot terms you need to know

Even though you are looking at free slots, you still need to know the terms associated with slots in general for preparation for real money slots. After all, free slots work and run the same way real money slots do only without real money bests.

Bonus round

Any free slots have bonus rounds. This is where you will get a separate screen that will offer free spin or another chance to win.


If you are a fan of Blackjack, you’ve probably come across the term there as well. But a hit is different in slots. It is a shortened form of winning spin.

Max bet

This is the largest possible amount you can wager on a slot spin. It is the best you need to place to win the jackpot or bonus.


This is the amount the casino will give you for winning spins based on the paylines you used, the bet you placed, and what the slot generated.


This is a handy guide that shows what should appear on the screen for someone to receive a payout. It also shows what the payouts are


These are the images on the screen of every reel. They are combined to provide the results of a potential payout


These are the components that spin display the symbols for the slots

Payout percentage

This refers to the percentage of the player’s fund, which returns to you. This percentage varies from one game to the next.

Winning combination

This refers to the group of symbols that result in a payout of a spin. The winning combination changes depending on the kinds of symbols that are randomly generated on every spin

Wild symbol

Some free slot games have wild symbols that are used for a free match for different symbols.

Tips to increase your success rate on free slots

Who doesn’t want to win even when they are playing on free slots? But winning at slots is not an exact science. Even then, there are some ways you can maximize your potential of winning.

Set a working budget

Start to play with an end in mind. Now you are probably wondering why we are talking of a budget, and the slots are free. Well, some free slots are free because of bonuses casinos offer. It is this bonus that you need to manage well during its validity period. Budgeting is a major hurdle for all players – beginners and experts alike. Players with a budget know how much they can afford and still have fun in the game.

Always take time

Online slots are fast-paced. If you are not careful, you will go through the free spins or the bonus in minutes.  To avoid falling into this trap, you should take some time between spins. Take a sip of your favorite drink or watch your favorite TV show. This will help you to work with a clear mind and keep an eye on the prize. Remember the habits you form when on free play will be with you even when you transition to real money slots.

Do not chase losses

This is in line with setting a working budget. While you might want to recover some part of the bonus or get something out of the free spins, don’t. This is a toxic habit that can leave you with no money in your account.

Play other popular casino games at the best online casinos

Playing free slots is fun, but online casinos offer plenty of other options. Check out our top-rated casino sites to play your favourite games. Moreover, we also bring you a detailed ‘how to’ win guide to help you succeed.


To get free online slot games, you will have to do your research. They never fall on your lap. You also need to focus on the types of slots you like and be conscious not to waste time on slots you know you’ll never want to spend real money on.

Playing free slot games is fun but can also work to prepare you for what is to come – if you intend to transition to win real money playing slot games.

Our Recommended Free Slots Casino

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  • Impressive Collection of Free Slot Games
  • 225% Welcome Bonus + Extra 20% for Neosurf or BTC deposits!
  • Fast & Secure Payments In Bitcoin or USD
  • Around The Clock 24/7 Assistance
RedDog Casino


Are free slots random?

Yes, they are. They use RNG software, which randomizes the outcome. The software is checked for fairness by trusted third party companies.

Can I spot a pattern in the results?

The outcome of free slots is always independent of the previous result. Because of this, it’s impossible to spot an outcome and predict the next result. Any attempt to do so is counterproductive. Moreover, slots are purely a game of chance.

Are best free online slots different from land-based casino slots?

Generally, the two are identical. However, there are some differences in the details. Online slots are simply software applications that you can access via your computer or a mobile device. On the other hand, land-based casino slots have both software and hardware. And every console in a land-based casino only offers a single game. But on the flip side, land-based casino slots have the advantage of having superior audio and visual experience.

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