Best RTP Slots & Online Casino Sites To Find Them

If you are a fan of online casino games, then you will likely know all about the return to player (RTP) metrics. This allows you to quickly see what the expected payout percentage of a given casino game or online slot may be. For those people who are looking to maximize their payout potential from their online gambling gameplay, this is a very useful metric to check out. This guide looks at the best RTP slots, as well as taking a deep dive into all things related to return to player percentages.

  • Slot Title
  • Pay Back
  • Key Features
Welcome Bonus: 100% Up to £500

  • Slots: 180+
  • Win Ratio: 94.15%
Welcome Bonus: 100% Up to £500Play NowOur score:
Welcome Bonus: 100% Up to £500
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Welcome Bonus 100% Up To £100

  • Slots: 1,000+
  • Win Ratio: 96.6%
Welcome Bonus 100% Up To £100Play NowOur score:
Welcome Bonus 100% Up To £100
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Welcome Bonus: 30 No Deposit Free Spins + 100% Up to £300

  • Slots: 2,000+
  • Win Ratio: 96.5%
Welcome Bonus: 30 No Deposit Free Spins + 100% Up to £300Play NowOur score:
Welcome Bonus: 30 No Deposit Free Spins + 100% Up to £300
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Up to £400 in Welcome Bonus Offers + 100 Spins

  • Slots: 1,000+
  • Win Ratio: 96%
Up to £400 in Welcome Bonus Offers + 100 SpinsPlay NowOur score:
Up to £400 in Welcome Bonus Offers + 100 Spins
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Up To £50 Matched Bonus + 50 Free Spins on Starburst

  • Slots: 800+
  • Win Ratio: 95.6%
Up To £50 Matched Bonus + 50 Free Spins on StarburstPlay NowOur score:
Up To £50 Matched Bonus + 50 Free Spins on Starburst
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10 best RTP online slots

There are countless great video slots in the world today. Dozens and dozens of top developers cater to your needs on a regular basis, constantly releasing new titles that are exciting, challenging, and have the best RTP slots UK. However, there are some games that have stood the test of time and deliver again and again. Here are the ten best RTP slots in the world today:

1. Mega Joker (NetEnt) – RTP: 99%

mega joker

This is a classic slot game that has a very large RTP. If you bet with just a single coin, the RTP drops down significantly. However, as you use the max bet of ten coins, you will be able to get a large return to player percentage across the five paylines.

There are some of the best payouts on offer, as well as the Supermeter mode. The latter allows you to increase the RTP of the game depending on what you select. There is everything from a retro feel, exciting gameplay, and a level of skill that makes Mega Joker a popular option for new players and old players alike.

Where can you play Mega Joker?

2. Jackpot 6000 (NetEnt) – RTP: Up to 98.8%

jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000 is another classic slot game that has a lot of exciting features and five fixed paylines. While there is an old school feeling to it, there is still plenty to keep you captivated. You will be able to trigger the Supermeter feature when you max out to ten coins per spin.

This allows you to get your hands on a mystery prize every round that can go from 10 to 6,000 coins. If a couple of joker symbols appear. The RTP on the game falls significantly if you are just playing with 1-8 coins, so this is something to keep in mind.

Where can you play Jackpot 6000?

3. 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick) – RTP: 98.60%

1429 Uncharted Seas best rtp slots

This is a slot that aesthetically looks different than most that you will ever have come across. You are looking at a hand-drawn map with a medieval map, with beasts and sea creatures adorning this document. There are 25 fixed paylines, with bets starting from £0.10 per spin up to £100 per spin.

There is a wild symbol on offer, allowing you to hit multipliers with each and every spin. The free spins bonus allows you to get as many as 50 free spins in a single go. With the high RTP and different types of gameplay, this is definitely something worth trying out.

Where can you play 1429 Uncharted Seas?

4. Blood Suckers (NetEnt) – RTP: 98%

blood suckers best rtp slots

Blood Suckers is a part of the vampire genre of games, one that is extremely popular. The spooky art in this NetEnt game catches the eye and the quality of the gameplay is also an attraction for players, as well as the nice RTP. There are 25 adjustable paylines, as well as a betting form range from £0.25 to £50.

There are plenty of special features in place, such as scatter pays, vampire-slaying bonus round, wild substitutions, and triple payout bonus spins. This is definitely one of the more exciting types of high RTP slots that you will come across.

Where can you play Blood Suckers?

5. Jokerizer (Yggdrasil Gaming) – RTP: 98%

jokerizer best rtp slots

Jokerizer is a game that has some top-quality animations on offer, despite the classic fruit machines theme. While you will not come across any bonus spins features, you do have the chance to get a Mystery Win of as much as 6,000 coins. There are 10 paylines and a coin betting range of 1 coin up to 20 coins.

You have some great audio qualities that add to the gameplay experience and this is definitely something different than what most players are familiar with. While some of the traditional features and bonus rounds are not on offer, there is still plenty of excitement and a high RTP to keep you interested.

Where can you play Jokerizer?

6. Starmania (NextGen Gaming ) – RTP: 97.87%

starmania best rtp slots

This is a very colorful game that uses star symbols, with an outer space backdrop and a funky soundtrack. This title plays on most of your senses and there are stacking wilds in place that can increase the potential of any winning combinations. Your bet size can go from £0.10 per spin up to £20.

The free games round allows you to obtain further stacked wilds. There are 10 paylines in total, with the bonus round option to gamble your prize being available with each of your wins. This can lead to multipliers, which makes for an exciting experience.

Where can you play Starmania?

7. Kings of Chicago (NetEnt) – RTP: 97.80%

kings of chicago best rtp slots

This is an interesting type of game, as it is a bit of a combination between classic poker and a video slot. There is a deck of cards in play, always getting shuffled in advance of every round. In order to win, you need to have a poker hand on one of the available five paylines rather than matching symbols across these paylines. The betting range starts from £0.05 and goes to £50 per spin.

The joker can be a substitute for any card in the deck. You can get free deals, which are the same concept as free spins. Through a special feature bonus game, you can get multipliers, as well as up to 30 deals for free.

Where can you play Kings of Chicago?

8. Devil’s Delight (NetEnt) – RTP: 97.60%

devil's delight best rtp slots

Devil’s Delight is a classic type of slot, with an arcade feel to it. Naturally, this is a devil themed slot, with a fiery background being the setting for this gameplay. Across the five reels, you will come across plenty of exciting features, such as expanding wilds. There are also free spins bonus features that allow you to get multipliers. You have 20 selectable paylines, as well as a bet per spin going from £0.20 to £40.

The main aspect of this title is the Soul Reaper bonus round. This allows you to build up souls over time and activate this bonus round once you have gotten 15 souls. You will then get 10 Sin Spins that can unlock all sorts of great rewards.

Where can you play Devil’s Delight?

9. Jack Hammer 2 (NetEnt) – RTP: 97.10%

jack hammer 2 best rtp slots

Jack Hammer 2 is a game that has been a common sight around online casinos globally for some time. You will often come across free spins offers for this title thanks to its entertaining theme and the abundance of opportunities for you to win. There are 99 bet lines in total on offer, as well as a multitude of exciting features and bonus games. You can bet as little as £0.50 and as much as £250.

For example, Sticky Win gives you the chance to get free re-spins, with these continuing for some time in a lot of cases. You also have the chance to get a many as 20 free spins, with multipliers and additional wilds still being available.

Where can you play Jack Hammer 2?

10. Book of Dead (Play’n Go) – RTP: 96.21%

Book of dead video slot

Book of Dead is one of the most popular video slots in the world today. It is a key part of many welcome free spins offers and you are taken on an adventure that looks like it comes straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. There are ten paylines, with betting starting at £0.10 per spin and going up to £50.

The graphics are very good and the plot also stands up. With ten fixed paylines, you have the chance to win as much as 250,000x your stake. There are also free spins rounds, as well as a nice range of betting limits supported.

Where can you play Book of Dead?

What is RTP in online slots

The return to player percentage is a way for you to judge what your expected payout percentage may be with a certain casino game or slot machines. His metric will be represented as a percentage, showcasing the return on your betting stake on average over time. Naturally, some slots will have high volatility or lower volatility than the average games, but over time this will be accounted for as part of the RTP value.

If a game has an RTP of 97%, this means that for every £1,000 that you bet, you can expect a total return of £970. Naturally, in the short term, you can be profitable by playing different casino games, but if all things stay the same, the payout percentages will revert towards the RTP of a given title.

How RTP is calculated

There are a couple of different ways that the RTP of a game can be calculated. For the most part, when you are dealing with online casinos and game developers that are licensed by respected authorities and have their games independently tested on a regular basis by the likes of eCOGRA, the RTPs will be calculated for you. Oftentimes, you will be shown the RTP of a given game in the lobby of an online casino.

You can calculate the RTP of a game by looking at the total sum of money returned to the players, which is divided by how much in total was gambled by the players. More than one million spins will normally be looked at so you can hit a critical mass whereby you can get an accurate representation of the RTP of a given game.

Naturally, online casinos will want to have an edge on the games that they offer so they can profit in the long run. Therefore, the difference between the RTP of a game and 100% will be the house edge. For example, if a game has a 95% RTP, this means that the house edge will be 5%.

Slot variances

One of the biggest variables you will come across when comparing different slots is the variances of the payouts. There will be some games that will see you win something very frequently, meaning that the game has low variance.

For those games that payout bigger sums but on a more sporadic basis are labeled high variance slots, as there is a bigger gap in between wins. However, just because one game has a high variance and another has a low variance doesn’t mean that they can’t have the same RTPs.

Over the course of one million spins, they may on average payout almost the exact same sum of money to players. Casino players will often choose a game type that fits their needs. Some like having the chance to win on a regular basis, even if it is smaller sums, while others prefer to wait it out for the excitement of winning bigger returns even though they are not the best paying in the long run.

Progressive jackpot RTPs

While progressive jackpot games will have the same features and mechanics as a regular slot game, their RTPs will usually be significantly lower than your average non-progressive slot title. Mega Moolah is one of the most progressive jackpot games in the world today thanks to its massive potential big jackpot win, but it has an RTP of 88.12%.

However, the reason for the lower RTP is because a slice of every bet that you make is going towards the progressive jackpot and is not reflected in the RTP. When you take into account the jackpot features of these games, they are usually worthwhile playing despite their lower RTP values.

How to find RTP rates of slots

To find the RTP rates of slots, you can usually come across them on a given online casino. While you can do a quick internet search, even the best RTP slots can change from time to time or from operator to operator. The majority of the bigger online casinos in the world today will showcase the RTP value of a title when you see it in the game library or you click into a specific game and read its description.

Some casinos will even have a dedicated page that showcases the RTPs of every single game that is currently available on the platform. This will often be linked in the footer of the website.


As you can see, slots with the best RTP values play an important role in the online casino world. While they are not the be all and end all for choosing an online slot, the best RTP slots are certainly going to be a consideration to a lot of players.

If you want to get started playing one of the high RTP slots, you can register for an online casino account in a couple of minutes and get your hands on a great welcome bonus.


Is the RTP of a slot the most important metric to look at?

The answer to this question depends on your preferences as an online slots player. Some people only want to have fun when they are playing these games and don’t care if the payout percentage is a little less than what is normal. Then there will be those people who will be striving to maximize their return as much as possible and only playing high RTP games.

Is there a way to be profitable by playing slot games?

As the RTPs of slot games will be less than 100%, this means that the house has an edge in the long run. However, there are some ways that a player can stack the odds in their favor. This could be through utilizing lucrative loyalty bonus programs where they earn perks or cashback over time as they play games. Using bonuses as part of your spins strategy can also boost your profit from these games, as you are playing with the house's funds.

What casino games have the best RTPs?

The RTPs will vary depending on what game type you are looking at. The likes of video poker and progressive jackpots usually have lower RTPs, while slots can often have RTPs in the 96-97% range. House games will almost always have the best RTPs, with the house edge being smaller and many of these games having RTPs in or around 99%.

How do you know if the displayed RTPs are legit?

If you can see the RTP values of different games on an internet gambling site and you are wondering if they are a true representation, then you need to look at the reputation of the platform. Most of the leading sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission will have their games independently tested from time to time to make sure that their RTPs are as they are displayed. Therefore, if you are dealing with a legit site that has a good track record of being legit, then you can rest easy in this regard.

Are high variance or low variance slots better to play?

This entirely depends on your preferences. Some players prefer getting regular hits of wins, despite the lower payouts, while others like the excitement of waiting a longer amount of time for those big wins. You can also get a good mix of these two approaches by finding a slot that has a medium variance, so you are getting the best of both worlds.

What are some other game developers that offer high RTP slots?

As well as the likes of NetEnt, Play’n GO, NextGen Gaming, and Quickspin, some of the other developers that offer high paying slots include Microgaming, IGT, Playtech, and Barcrest.

What are the best welcome offers for an online casino?

Most online casinos will have some sort of welcome offer for new players. This could be in the form of a first deposit bonus to boost your bankroll or a selection of free spins. Some of the popular free spins games you will come across include Rainbow Riches and Starburst. Whatever the case may be, the wagering requirements of the offer will dictate how good it is in reality. As T&Cs apply, some offers look better on the surface as they do when you dig a bit deeper. Make sure that you only avail of the deposit bonus within your means and don’t deposit what you can't afford. If you do have any issues with your gambling, you can check out

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