Top 3 Nevada Sports Betting Sites 2024

Nevada has long been the kingpin for all things gambling in the United States. Not much has changed since the ending of the federal ban on sports betting, with Nevada still ruling the roost in most regards. Thankfully, there is now an array of online sportsbooks for you to consider.

Top 3 Nevada Online Bookmakers of 2024

If you don’t have time to read our guide in full, here’s a list of our top-rated online sports betting sites available to players from Nevada:

  1. William Hill – Large range of betting markets
  2. STN Sports – One of the best loyalty programs on the market
  3. Superbook Sportsbook – A must for experienced bettors

Is Online Sports Betting in Nevada Legal? Yes! 

In Nevada, most forms of gambling are legal, which is why it is such a popular destination. There are not too many other reasons why tourists would visit a desert if it wasn’t for gambling. Sports betting was first legalized in the state way back in 1949, making it the first state in the country to legalize the activity. For many decades, sports betting was in the hands of organized crime in enterprises across the country.

When Congress gave passage to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 1992, Nevada was given an exemption to the sports betting ban. This meant that it effectively had a monopoly on the activity. Casinos in the state could still have sportsbooks in operation, reaping the rewards over the years. It was in May 2018 that the federal ban on sports betting finally came to an end.

A long-running part of the sports betting scene

Many states quickly legalized the activity and began opening sportsbooks. The main challenger since then to Nevada has been New Jersey. The two states now go back and forth on a month to month basis in terms of total sports betting handle and revenues. However, across the board, the levels of sports betting in Nevada has increased since the ending of the ban. Nevada Sports Betting Sites

Online sports betting has been a reality in Nevada for a number of years. This can only be done through a downloaded mobile app, there are no desktop online sportsbooks that can be used in the state. You also have to make any deposits to your mobile sports betting account at a physical partner casino and not directly through the app.

The idea of this guide is to talk you through the different mobile sportsbook options you have and help you figure out which option is best suited to your needs.

Note: Mobile sports betting is always more convenient than having to rely on retail sportsbooks. The only drawback in Nevada is that you have to deposit funds at the actual casino and not directly through the app.

Our Recommended Nevada Sports Betting Site

Our Rating

  • Offers a 100% Match Bonus Up To $50
  • Variety of Locations Where You Can Deposit Including 7-Eleven
  • The Biggest Range of Sports & Markets To Choose From In Nevada
  • Unrivaled Live Betting Experience
williamhill sports book

How are Nevada Online Sportsbooks Ranked?

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to the various mobile sportsbooks that are on the market in Nevada today. Some of the leading operators in the space have their own apps, which have been developed and optimized over the years.

As sports betting has been around Nevada for decades, there was no learning curve in recent years that sportsbooks had to go through, unlike in other states. Therefore, most of these offerings are mature and well-oiled machines. A few key variables are looked at when analyzing the different mobile sportsbooks available in the state.

In terms of the competitiveness of odds, most of the sports betting apps in Las Vegas have the same odds, so this is not going to be a differentiating factor in most cases.

Some of the variables that are more heavily looked at include:

  • Number of sports to bet on
  • Variety of betting markets
  • Availability of live betting
  • Extent of the welcome offers and regular promotions
  • Performance of the app
  • Reputation of the operator

The Best Nevada Online Sportsbooks Legal in 2024:

1. William Hill - One of the best around

William Hill is a European bookmaker that has been in the online sports betting space for decades. It has a strong presence in Nevada, being the provider of sportsbooks at over 100 locations in Nevada.

About half of the total revenue seen through William Hill sportsbooks in the state comes through the mobile app. As a result of being independent, you can deposit funds to your account in William Hill from a lot of places, such as 7-Eleven. William Hill was the first operator to launch an app in the space and it is constantly looking to improve on the offering.

William Hill Nevada

New signups will get a $50 bonus when they place at least $50 in sports bets. Proprietary software is used and the traditional color scheme of the European bookmaker is used – royal blue and white. One of the downsides is the requirement of having to sign into this app each time you open it, as you are logged out of your account when you close out of the app. Thankfully, the offering itself is smooth and fast when looking for and placing bets.

You have perhaps the biggest range of sports and markets to choose from with William Hill in Nevada. This is especially the case with live betting, where a lot of other operations in Nevada do not put much of a focus on.

Overall, this is one of the best sportsbooks in the state and has an unrivaled range of betting options on offer.


  • Large range of betting options
  • New player welcome bonus
  • Speedy app
  • Variety of locations where you can deposit


  • You get logged out each time you exit the app

2. STN Sports - Rewards regular bettors

This is the licensed mobile sports betting app from the Stations Casino. There are casinos under the ownership of this company across Las Vegas. STN Sports was one of the first sports betting apps to launch in the state.

You have a wide range of different sports and markets to select from, with the mobile sportsbook making up a large portion of the overall sportsbook revenue Station Casinos generates. Miomni software is used as part of this offering, which is common in the Nevada sportsbooks scene. It has a unique color scheme of black, red and gray with the interface being very easy to use.

STN Sports Nevada

In terms of the markets, there is more of an emphasis placed on local teams, as this is the main market for the app. There is a minimum bet in place of $2 and the max wager varies depending on the customer and the type of bet they are looking to make.

One of the standout features is that there is a loyalty program, not something that a lot of competitors in Nevada have. One of the areas where it does not stack up as well as other options are the lack of depth in the live betting offering.

Overall, this is one of the best balanced mobile sportsbooks in the state, allowing you to earn loyalty points when you bet, which is ideal for frequent bettors.


  • Loyalty program on offer
  • Good selection of markets
  • Variety of bet sizes
  • Easy to use platforms


  • Not many live betting options

3. Superbook Sportsbook - A must for experienced bettors

The Superbook is the sports betting offering from the Westgate Las Vegas. This is one of the best-known sportsbooks globally. It is operated independently, with the odds being unique to this sportsbook, unlike most of the other options in the state. Many professional bettors use this app as their sportsbook of choice, which is a testament to the quality of the offering and the range of markets on offer.

Superbook Sportsbook Nevada

Miomni software is utilized for this app, with a white, gray, black and yellow color scheme. The platform is a joy to use and is similar to a lot of other apps in the space today. For some, the lack of horse racing betting will be a downside. When starting off your account, you will need to deposit at least $100.

Each time that you add funds to your account, there is a minimum deposit required of $50. Sometimes, there are promotions on offer and the minimum bet on the platform is $5.

Overall, this is one of the best options for serious and experienced sports better in all of Nevada.


  • Independently created odds
  • Easy to use interface
  • World-renowned
  • Diverse selection of markets


  • No horse racing betting

Bottom Line

As the Nevada sports betting apps have had plenty of time to adjust to the market, you have very settled offerings to choose from. The online sports betting space is unique in the state. For example, the minimum required deposit sizes are a lot larger than in other states, often starting at at least $50.

You also cannot play through your desktop and funds have to be deposited in person at one of the partner casinos or specifically outlined sites. These are both unique to the betting scene in Nevada.

A lot of the sports betting apps use the same odds, so this is not going to be a massive differentiator when it comes to selecting which option to use. However, the extent of the markets on offer do vary widely. A lot of the apps also do not have any welcome offers or regular promotions.

For regular bettors, it is a good idea to have a look at the select few sportsbooks which have a loyalty program. This is a good way of hedging your bets and improving your chances of being profitable in the long run.

Overall, you should stick to what you like the most in a sportsbook. When you figure this out, you will then be able to quickly narrow down your potential signup options.

Key Aspects of Online Sportsbooks in Nevada

As you have seen, the mobile sports betting scene has long been a core part of the Nevada gambling scene. It makes up a large portion of the total sports betting handle each month and it is an ideal way for locals in particular to get their bets placed without having to visit one of the countless casinos in the state.

There are some quirky rules in place. This includes only allowing betting via mobile apps and not through a desktop. You also have to deposit funds to your online sports betting account in person at one of the partner facilities, which is not something that is in place in any other state currently.

Some similarities with other states are that you need to be at least 21 years old in order to place a sports bet in Nevada. You also have to verify your identity to prove you are the age you say you are, allowing you to place bets legally in the state.

Where Else is Online Gambling Legal in the US?


Our Recommended Nevada Sports Betting Site

Our Rating

  • Offers a 100% Match Bonus Up To $50
  • Variety of Locations Where You Can Deposit Including 7-Eleven
  • The Biggest Range of Sports & Markets To Choose From In Nevada
  • Unrivaled Live Betting Experience
williamhill sports book


How do you create an account with a Nevada sports betting app?

All accounts for sports betting mobile apps has to be done in person at the given facility. Usually the process of creating your account will take between 10 and 15 minutes. The type of info you will be asked to provide includes your full name, address, contact details and date of birth. You also have to showcase a photo ID, as well as your tax number or social security number.

What are the minimum deposits that are in place with the mobile sportsbooks in Nevada?

Generally, you will have to deposit at least $50 or $100 when you first sign up for an account in Nevada. There are similar minimums in place for subsequent deposit. If you are looking to withdraw funds from your account, you will have to go to the facility in person.

How do the mobile apps in Nevada work?

You will have to be within state lines to place bets. Therefore, there is a geolocation feature embedded into the app that tracks where you are when the app is open. You cannot use the likes of VPNs to try and fool the app that you are in Nevada when you are in another state. Some players in more rural areas can have issues when trying to use the app.

Can you get comps for using sports betting apps?

Some of the apps do have comp programs. The Station Casino app for example will give you a single comp point for every $1 that you bet.

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