Microsoft’s xCloud To Launch in 2020, Major New Announcements on The Way

Microsoft’s xCloud To Launch in 2020, Major New Announcements on The Way

Tech giant Microsoft has several new developments in its cloud and gaming divisions. The company is expecting its xCloud game streaming service to launch in 2020 alongside a Windows 10 PC gaming and streaming experience.

Top execs are hopeful

Phil Spencer, the Head of Gaming at Microsoft, said that he is expecting xCloud to be available to users next year. He didn’t give a specific date on which the company would launch the product. However, it seems that they are ready to integrate xCloud with the Xbox for a more enriched gaming experience. The details about the price are unavailable as of now.

Microsoft’s xCloud To Launch in 2020, Major New Announcements on The Way

Windows 10 gamers will now get access to the xCloud service, helping them get more immersive gameplay. This is one of the most difficult tasks for Microsoft to accomplish because Xbox games are not designed to work with mouse and keypad. It may have to talk with developers and tweak content for Windows gamers. However, Head of Cloud Gaming Kareen Choudhry doesn’t appear phased by the challenges. He said that while concerns about content tweaking are true, users may get access to other types of content as well.

None of the top execs at Microsoft are revealing details about their project. They have laid out a plan for the future but refuse to clarify when we can see them come to fruition. We believe that Windows 10 support for xCloud could come up in the earlier part of 2020. Meanwhile, its previews will be expanded to Canada, Japan, India, and Western Europe.

Microsoft’s big Apple problem

The technology heavyweight is expanding its range of offerings to rival products, platforms, and services. xCloud is planning an expansion beyond Google’s Android OS. Moreover, the company is planning to integrate Sony DualShock 4 controllers and Razer’s gamepads and Bluetooth controllers as well. This will help players on other platforms enjoy Microsoft gaming products.

Their products haven’t penetrated the Apple ecosystem yet. We don’t know if the company will provide xCloud support for iPhone and iPad next year. Though it has hinted towards a prototype and working with Apple, the Tim Cook-led organization is fiercely criticized for its seemingly monopolistic policies. The company rejected Valve’s game streaming app earlier this year but later approved it on a condition that it will not allow direct purchases from the Steam store. Google is also keeping Stadia away from Apple’s operating systems.

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