Illinois Gears Up for Sports Betting as Addiction Worries Grow

Illinois Gears Up for Sports Betting as Addiction Worries Grow

The state of Illinois is getting ready for its biggest outing in the gambling sector to date with sports betting offerings. However, some experts believe that betting on mobile could cause addiction issues in the state as well.

Bettor shares his story

Sports betting enthusiast Brian Benge, living in Iowa City, loves to wager on his favorite teams. He is excited about the prospects of mobile sports betting which could provide him with a chance to bet on games from the comfort of his home. The state has 19 casinos but Benge was never entered any of them. He likes to bet at the comfort of his home. Benge said,

“I prefer to stay here. You can eat or drink whatever you want, invite friends over and enjoy the game.”

Illinois Gears Up for Sports Betting as Addiction Worries Grow

States like New Jersey have earned mind-boggling revenues ever since they started legalized sports betting markets. Most gamblers prefer to bet online because of the ease and comfort associated with this option. Another reason why online betting is so popular is that people get to find different betting lines and find the most advantageous options that could give them the best rates and odds. Mobile betting also takes away the hassle of dressing up and leaving their homes.

But addiction may come easy

The easier it is to place bets on mobile, the easier it is to get addicted to these options as well. According to Lia Nower from the Rutgers Center for Gambling Studies, people may be prone to taking more impulsive gambling decisions when they are watching the game. Nower, who is tracking the New Jersey sports betting market, added,

“The more impulsive people are, the higher the likelihood that they’ll develop gambling problems.”

In the state of Illinois, these problems may become rampant owing to rich gambling history. The state will provide gambling licenses to parties willing to pay a $10 million license fee, followed by a $1 million annual renewal fee. These sports betting operators will be required to pay a 15% tax on earnings and cities like Chicago could play an instrumental role in improving their GGR.

The state added mobile and online wagering to their sports betting bill earlier this year. The Illinois Gaming Board will finalize license application rules this week and start the licensing process in a few weeks. It aims to start sports wagering in the state by 2020.

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