Esports Market to Offer Unique Player Betting on New Site

Esports Market to Offer Unique Player Betting on New Site

As the esports industry is growing by the day, betting in the industry is also becoming a lucrative opportunity. Several esports betting firms have already started providing betting opportunities in this space.

Will space grow further?

Though esports is a relatively new sector, there is room for a lot more innovative growth in this space. Now, Liverpool-based Puntt, a betting startup, is trying to leverage the potential of this sector. Puntt is a venture by RPGG Media and is the first company in the world to offer parameter-based esports player betting opportunities.

Esports Market to Offer Unique Player Betting on New Site

The customers of the site will get chances to bet on specific parameters during esports games and tournaments. The company will also get assistance from regulators like the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

The potential of Puntt

Puntt is based on a proprietary statistical model built atop artificial intelligence. It provides a unique and authentic experience to the users. The AI capabilities are helpful in generating prices against esports players. It gives users the opportunity to bet on individual player performance like who will score the most kills in the game.

Puntt’s CEO, Phill Adams, commented on the company’s offering and said,

“These are tricky markets to price and can leave operators with large liabilities in a market where the customer is often better informed. Our solution gives customers an exciting and fair product.”

Tactical games are more popular on Puntt, like CS:GO. The platform utilizes numerous statistics from the live games to allow betting for the users. The company is planning to add more tactical esports to its list. The newer games will feature more in-depth info about the game and player performance.

Most existing esports betting operators have moved away from odds that are available on Puntt. This is because the operators find pricing these markets very difficult. Puntt’s artificial intelligence removes these hurdles. Gaming operators believe that the sector could bring excessive liabilities as customers in this market are more knowledgeable.

Puntt still suggests that it will provide a good gaming experience to the customers. It aims to leverage the experience from RPGG to maximize their experience. The site will roll out to players slowly and will be available to players around the world.

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