Spring Tails Slot By Betsoft Now Available On Bitcoin Casino

Spring Tails Slot By Betsoft Now Available On Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin Casino is known for adding numerous different slots to its platform every week. This time it has added Betsoft’s Spring Tails Slot.

Following Chinese New Year theme

The Spring Tales slot is a very simple, easy to use 5 on 5 reels slot. However, it could bring you the highest turnarounds on the market. It could pay you as much as 300,000x on your initial wagering amount. This means that even the smallest wagers could help you win $150,182. However, the slot’s volatility rate is very high at 95.84%. This could be a cause of concern for some people, but not for those who like exciting, no-nonsense gameplay.

Spring Tails Slot By Betsoft Now Available On Bitcoin Casino

Betsoft Gaming has based this game on the Chinese New Year which has been declared the Year of the Council. The game is not just an adrenaline-pumping machine with unpredictability running high, but also an amazing slot with cool graphics and returns that would blow your mind. Whenever you seek some thrill, simply visit Bitcoin Casino and start playing this slot.

Why do we like this slot?

The graphics of this slot game are commendable and we find it a very entertaining slot. There is no doubt that Betsoft has not left any stones unturned to make it one of the most thrilling slots on the market. It comes with up to 60x wild multipliers which add even more thrill and excitement to the game. It also provides several free spins and scatters which will not only make your gameplay experience but will also help you in increasing the final value of your win.

The game has incredible potential because of which you can win big even with the smallest of stakes. The smallest wager required in this game is as small as $0.05. Even the largest wager is just $0.50 in the default setting. This means that you can keep playing and having a good time in hopes of a big win for longer.

The rewards for the game are equally great. The cumulative win factor for the game is 300,364x with the highest payout of $150,0182. That is a lot of money to be won with small stakes between $0.05 and $0.50. The volatility of the game is very high because of which only 16.21% of free spins will win while only 9.65% of the base game spins will bring you a winning competition.

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