Mobile Sports Betting Takes the Lead In US

Mobile Sports Betting Takes the Lead In US

As the state administrations across the US are shutting down casinos and racetracks, mobile apps are trying to take the lead. The governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak recently shut down casinos in the state in an effort to make the state safer.

Sportsbooks shutting downs

Several gambling states of the US have already shut down their racetracks and casinos to ensure that the virus is not transmitted any further. For Nevada, doing this was especially difficult since the state depends on its tourism and gambling revenue. However, even in times like these, Caesars Palace, Circa Sports, and William Hill are trying to provide sports betting offerings to their patrons. They are now working on their mobile betting offerings.

Mobile Sports Betting Takes the Lead In US

However, the road ahead isn’t easy. Major sporting events around the world are being canceled and operators are scouring to find sporting events that they could cover. Now, they are even considering sporting leagues that are generally not added to their platforms to provide at least some support to their patrons. William Hill is now offering the Sumo Wrestling league on its platforms to make up for the damage.

Caesars Palace is running its mobile app operation in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Nevada right from its Las Vegas offices. According to sportsbook director Jeff Davis, they are offering many sports that they have never added before. Davis said,

“We’re doing Australian Rules Football and we’re probably going to do the mini-golf tournaments next week. Other states, we’re doing some weird soccer and handball.”

What are other sportsbooks doing?

William Hill is also focusing on Aussie Rules Football, MMA and National Rugby League 2. It recently featured the Cage Warriors 113 from Manchester, England. However, their hopes of offering varied leagues were thwarted because the Australian football season was suspended by authorities. The sportsbook is now looking at NFL and offering betting opportunities on NFL Drafts, Buccaneers, the Patriots, and Tom Brady in hopes to grab a hold on their revenue.

Matt Metcalf, Circa Sports director said that he was surprised at the action they recorded on the Australia A-League and Belarus Premier League. He said that the Circa owner has asked them to be more creative in this market. Metcalf said that several professional bettors have asked them to keep adding markets because they are agnostic about the sports leagues that they bet on. Therefore, the company will allow users to bet on almost any league that is legally possible.

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