ZenSports Aims for A US Launch In 2020

ZenSports Aims for A US Launch In 2020

Peer-to-peer sports gambling platform ZenSports is planning to launch in the US this year. The launch will come at a crucial time when sports betting is facing issues because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Coronavirus impact on the world

The sports betting industry has come to a standstill because of the coronavirus. Major sporting events have been canceled because of this and sportsbook operators are busy counting their losses. The sportsbooks that have just spent millions of dollars in getting licenses in US states are feeling the maximum issues at this time. They have spent money on setting up their infrastructure in hopes of cashing in the March Madness and other prominent sporting events in the world.

ZenSports Aims for A US Launch In 2020

However, ZenSports is still looking for creating some space for itself in the US sports betting market. ZenSports’ unique platform will allow unlimited wagers to be placed on sporting events. The platform is built atop a blockchain network and has been receiving good response from the community at large. It is providing transparency and peer-to-peer transactions to punters in over 90 countries.

Why is ZenSports different?

ZenSports doesn’t qualify as a traditional sportsbook but it offers a sports gambling exchange to users. It said,

“[We] actually allow you, as the bettor, to create any kind of sports bet that you want with your own odds and your own terms, and basically, you come up with everything. And so that puts you, the bettor, in control.”

Adding blockchain capabilities to the traditional betting scene makes sense because it allows the online platforms to work in more ethical ways. Numerous instances of unethical behavior by sports betting operators have been unearthed but blockchain nullifies such possibilities altogether. It helps in removing doubts about the terms of the wager, the outcome of the bet and the amount of money gambled. There would also be better transparency about the people who were involved in the transaction and those who were paid out.

ZenSports is a Curacao licensed business that is currently accepting bets for over 30 sporting leagues globally. The company is currently geofenced from providing services to US customers but wants to change the status quo. To get into the US markets, the company will have to partner with a licensed retail sportsbook. Even though the company aims to make it to the US markets this year, its future will depend entirely on the time when things get back to normal. However, ZenSports expects that it will be present in at least two states by the end of 2020.

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