US Integrity Partners with Ohio University to Launch A Sports Betting Fraud Prevention Program

US Integrity Partners with Ohio University to Launch A Sports Betting Fraud Prevention Program

On Tuesday, the Ohio University AECOM Center for Sports Administration announced a new partnership with Cyanna Education Services and US Integrity aimed at launching a new Sports Gambling Educational curriculum. The curriculum will come with three courses aimed at Risk Management, Fraud Prevention, etc.

Ne program to prevent sports betting fraud

The new curriculum is designed to help prevent sports betting frauds and its harmful impacts. This three-part certification program is set to begin in May 2020. It would be the first amongst the Sports Gambling Education programs in the US.

US Integrity Partners with Ohio University to Launch A Sports Betting Fraud Prevention Program

AECOM Center for Sports Administration’s executive director Jim Kahler commented on the program and said,

“We’re proud to be on the right side of history when it comes to sports-related betting. This program is going to help educate coaches, students, and administrators on how to prevent, identify, and react to instances of sports-betting fraud.”

He also said that the program is being developed by the industry leaders which will help bring their experience and knowledge to the forefront.

US Integrity is also involved in the program. According to its president & founder Matt Holt, their goal is to ensure that all sporting events happen in a fair and transparent manner. He said that the program will help them participate with and train the next generation of athletes, regulators, administrators, and coaches who will influence the field of sports. This will also be helpful in creating a corruption-free environment.

AECOM Center is home to excellent sports programs

The AECOM Center for Sports Administration runs the award-winning MBA/MSA combined postgraduate programs. It is ranked as the top overall postgraduate sports course in the world by SportsBusiness International. On the other hand, US Integrity is a Las Vegas-based company providing 24/7 monitoring systems to maintain the highest levels of integrity in sports and preventing fraud and corruption. They use real betting data and feed it to a proprietary algorithm that can scan data for any potential false positives and suspicious betting activity.

Experts from both the university and US Integrity are creating this program together which will be divided into three courses. Topics covered in the courses will include Introduction to Game Integrity, Fraud Prevention, Game Manipulation, and Risk Management. The platform will be powered by Cyanna Education Services, which is a technology company focused on providing academic compliance, school operations, and curriculum.

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