Gamesys Decides to Reduce Marketing Exposure During Lockdown

Gamesys Decides to Reduce Marketing Exposure During Lockdown

British online gambling company Gamesys said today that it is reducing marketing exposure during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. The company decided to take this step after authorities urged sportsbooks to be careful about their marketing promotions.

What does Gamesys plan?

The company announced its trading update for the first quarter of 2020. It reported an uptick in its revenue by almost 20%, reaching £155.3 million. It noted that the company’s business is experiencing strong growth in the Asian region and its performance in the UK has also been robust.

The company acknowledged that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and it could deteriorate the conditions of problem gamblers. This includes people who have gambling addiction issues and a younger demographic that is isolated at homes. The countrywide lockdown has forced them to remain at home to help the authorities tackle the spread of the virus.

People staying at home are now consuming more media, including TV, radio, and online programs. They can also use online gambling without any restrictions now which could cause problems for vulnerable people. Therefore, operators are trying to do more responsible advertising for their online services.

Untargeted advertising suspended

Gamesys said that it is suspending untargeted customer marketing. The gambling company also said that it will be removing all ads on TV and radio in the UK until all social restrictions related to the pandemic have been relaxed. It will continue promoting its brands online but its untargeted advertising via digital channels and direct-mail marketing campaigns will remain suspended.

It will also pull Jackpotjoy branding from the TV program Loose Women, which it sponsors. It is donating the sponsorship opportunity to a charity organization called Women’s Aid, that focuses on domestic violence issues. It is also donating £200,000 to the charity to help it increase its capacity for live chat and spread its reach to more people.

The UK is shifting its gambling-related decision to advertising, especially at a time when people are under lockdown and could easily be enticed to gamble. The authorities have also blocked credit card use on gambling websites to prevent extensive financial damage to gamblers.

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