Client Files Negligence Suit Against Crown Casino

Client Files Negligence Suit Against Crown Casino

A client has filed a negligence lawsuit against Crown Casino Melbourne, alleging that he broke his neck when he fell on unattended vomit on the casino floor.

What does the client allege?

According to Michael Stephenson, the Crown Casino in Melbourne’s negligence was responsible for his life-changing neck injury in December 2017. He was unemployed at the time of the incident and is now suffering from anxiety and depression. His neck was broken and his right hip also suffered an injury because of which now has an abnormal gait. The neck fracture needed rewiring and screwing back into place, because of which he was unable to care for himself.

Crown Resorts owns the Crown Casino in Melbourne and now faced a big negligence lawsuit for not taking appropriate actions that led to the injury. Stephenson’s lawyers claim that the plaintiff had to undergo a dynamic hip screw operation to fix the fracture which caused him significant pain and resulted in limited mobility. Some of his pre-existing back and knee injuries were aggravated because of the accident and his condition grew worse.

The lawyers claim in County Court that a client who was intoxicated that night vomited on the floor. However, the staff members failed to clear the mess and attend the customer, creating a slip hazard. They also did not adequately restrict the region of the mess and did not place a warning sign as well. Stephenson fell that night, breaking his neck and suffering immeasurable pain because of it. He is still troubled with medical bills arising out of the accident.

Crown is facing other issues as well

Crown Resorts is facing several other issues and controversies. The casino operator, owned by James Packer, recently made headlines when it was granted a special exemption during the first few days of business closures. Several people raised questions as to why the casino was being given such a treatment. After the backlash, the Victorian government had to revoke the exemption.

Before that, the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority, the gaming regulator of New South Wales, launched an investigation into the suitability of the company is holding a gaming license.

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