APPG Urges BGC To Expand Gaming Ad Suspension During Lockdown

APPG Urges BGC To Expand Gaming Ad Suspension During Lockdown

In a letter sent to BGC, the APPG acknowledged the gambling ad suspension steps by the entity but asked for an expansion of this policy.

A request to shut down all forms of gambling ads

Carolyn Harris MP, the chair of the All-Parliamentary Group for Gambling Related Harm, recently wrote a letter to Brigid Simmons, the chair of Betting and Gaming Council (BGC). She urged the entity to restrict all types of gaming advertising for the future. Members of the BGC recently agreed to stop gaming advertising on TV and radio.

APPG Urges BGC To Expand Gaming Ad Suspension During Lockdown

Harris noted that stopping some form of gambling advertising was “welcome news” and the APPG is happy to see that the industry is taking steps to protect vulnerable people during the lockdown. However, they also want the industry to take stricter actions. She said that data for online gambling activity since the lockdown should be compared to a similar period from last year. She also seeks an explanation from the agency on why they only took action to curb advertising now, when they could have done it a month ago. She also wants the BGC to clarify if their ongoing restrictions on gambling advertising are temporary in nature.

More requests from the APPG

The group wants to know if the BCG and its members will put on curbs on social media advertising and affiliate marketing. Harris specifically noted that the BGC decided to replace gambling ads with messages for safer gambling instead of removing ads altogether. The APPG has some other extreme proposals for the BGC, including deposit limits for accounts during the lockdown. It also suggests a 2-pound spin limit on slot gaming machines. It also wants to shut down VIP accounts, ban bonuses, and shut down all kinds of gaming advertising.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the gambling industry hard. Betting shops across the UK have been closed for over a month and their staff has been furloughed. Sportsbooks are also struggling because all sporting activity has been paused. However, gamblers are moving to online casinos.

Despite the shift, British gambling operators expect decreased profits and have already cut dividends.

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