MGM Resorts International Will Extend Health Benefits to Furloughed Employees

MGM Resorts International Will Extend Health Benefits to Furloughed Employees

MGM Resorts International has decided to extend the health benefits of all its furloughed employees. However, the casino giant is not certain on the number of employees who will return back to work.

Health insurance benefit extended

In a letter sent to the company’s employees on Tuesday, acting CEO of MGM Resorts Bill Hornbuckle said that the company is extending the health insurance coverages for all its furloughed employees. The coverage will now work through August. However, he also said that many employees could be laid off this year.

MGM Resorts International Will Extend Health Benefits to Furloughed Employees

MGM first issued its temporary layoffs in March this year as the company was forced to shut down its operations due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the time, the compact didn’t expect the shutdown to last too long and was hoping for quick containment or treatment for the infection. However, now it is becoming increasingly clear that casinos will be closed at least till May which could easily extend to June. In some states, the situation could worsen, making MGM rethink its strategy for the future.

Hornbuckle wrote,

“Based on the current situation, we now believe that some of our colleagues may not return to work this year. And, given the continued uncertainty facing our industry, we simply don’t know just how many employees will return to work within the coming months.”

What is MGM expecting?

The company sent legal notices to employees alongside the letter, telling them about a possible layoff. The company is expecting that travel will be relatively less around the nation, a trend which could possibly extend to next year. The company operates in the states of New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Michigan, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Ohio. It has more properties than any other gaming company on the Las Vegas Strip. Combined with its Asia workforce, it employs more than 80,000.

The CEO said that the company wants to welcome its employees back with open arms when the industry bounces into action. He also noted that some people may find permanent employment elsewhere and suggested that people do whatever is best for themselves and their families. It aimed to keep the situation as transparent with its employees as possible. The company also acknowledged the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest challenge it has faced to date. Its executives have been making some “painful” decisions over the past six weeks.

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