Professional Bowling May Find A Spectacular Future in Sports Betting Sector

Professional Bowling May Find A Spectacular Future in Sports Betting Sector

The sports betting industry is eyeing a comeback and this time, it could be including some new sporting events to its lineup. Professional bowling is one such event that may find more buzz and fans as it gets ready to be adopted by punters.

Professional Bowlers Association make a move

According to affiliate firm, the Professional Bowlers Association is eyeing the sports betting business. The sport is quickly gaining popularity and the expansion of legal sports betting across the US is creating opportunities for them to get involved. Moreover, there is an absence of traditional sporting events in the country because of lockdowns and social distancing procedures. As a result, bowling can not only cash the opportunity but also become a popular betting event.

Professional Bowling May Find A Spectacular Future in Sports Betting Sector

Lev Ekster, the COO of Professional Bowlers Association said,

“The PBA has been tracking the movement towards legalizing betting in America with great interest. We have been speaking with experts on betting and educating our organization as to how to approach this coming opportunity effectively and responsibly.”

Bowling has big potential

The PBA hasn’t decided an exact timeline for when tenpin bowling events could be added to online sportsbooks. However, whenever that happens, it will have the potential to add an exciting option for punters. The nature of the game means that it is easy to bet on the winners and losers of a match, whether individuals or teams are competing against each other.

Bowling can also be useful in adding a variety of other options to the market since 20 states have active sports betting legalization, with 11 states offering mobile wagering options. Some of the most common options include the scores and final results of individual games, the total number of spares and strikes during a match as well as the result of a single ball throw.

The PBA already has a multi-year television broadcast deal with Fox Sports in place, which means that it could break out of its ‘niche’ sports mold soon. The CBS Sports Network also covers the sports and carries some select PWBA Tour events as well. It is obligated under the contract to cover the PBA Tour Finals till 2022.

The Association suggests that adding the game to sportsbooks will help its fans engage with it in a new way and find new means of enjoying the sport. This could also help add more value to their experience.

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