Louisiana Senate Moves Forward with a Sports Betting Bill

Louisiana Senate Moves Forward with a Sports Betting Bill

Voters in Louisiana could not decide whether they should legalize sports betting in their parish. The state Senate approved a bill on Wednesday that could open the gates of opportunity for sportsbooks.

Senate Bill 130 approved

This week, the Senate approved Senate Bill 130 by Metairie Republican Cameron Henry. The bill does not give clear guidelines of how sports bets will be taken in the state or how it will be taxed. However, it could help individual parishes decide whether they want to allow wagering in their jurisdiction in November. Lawmakers will then work on the details of the parishes that could help legalize athletic wagering in the state.

Louisiana Senate Moves Forward with a Sports Betting Bill

Henry noted,

“You will be able to look at the results of what your constituents want you to do as it relates to sports wagering. It is the safest way to get this done.”

Lawmakers whose parishes support wagering will be allowed to support the legislative process and work on the details of the betting infrastructure. The bill proposed that the state Gaming Control Board will maintain oversight over the market.

Sports betting legalization is a big issue

Last year, sports betting legalization became one of the biggest issues in the state’s legislature. Supporters wanted Louisiana casinos to compete with other states on a level playing field. They suggest that sports betting is already popular so lawmakers should use this as an opportunity to legalize the practice and raise valuable revenue from it. However, opponents say that expanding gambling will lead to a higher number of problem gambling cases. This would create costs for the taxpayers in the state, that would eventually outweigh whatever benefits the state could receive.

However, the bill has now passed the Senate with a 29-8 vote and is moving to the House of Representatives.

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