Las Vegas Casinos Will Reopen on June 4

Las Vegas Casinos Will Reopen on June 4

The coronavirus pandemic left casinos in Las Vegas bleeding as they shut down to accommodate the Governor’s orders on social distancing. However, now they are looking to reopen soon and recover from extreme financial losses.

Getting over the crisis

Major casino executives and Mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman have now urged Governor Steve Sisolak to allow the casinos to reopen. The governor has also paid heed to their requests and decided a target date of June 4 on which the city’s gambling establishments could reopen. The Memorial Day weekend has been harsh on the casinos as it would usually bring lots of gamblers and tourists their way.

Las Vegas Casinos Will Reopen on June 4

Casinos in other parts of the US have already started reopening. However, Sisolak believes that they need to remain shut in the state for now. He suggests that as soon as Las Vegas opens its casinos, tourists and gamblers from all over the US will start flying into the city.

Sisolak announced the date on Facebook

In a Facebook post, Sisolak made the announcement of casinos reopening around June 4. He said that the Nevada Gaming Control Board will meet on Tuesday to discuss the steps necessary to reopen the casinos. He also said that the target date of June 4 is subject to change, given the results of the discussion on Tuesday.

Though Sisolak has always maintained that the final decision will be his, the ultimate request for reopening must come via the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Most experts believe that June 4 would be chosen as the date to reopen to help the city and state’s economy to recoup its losses.

The state has to experience rising levels of unemployment because of the pandemic. This week, the unemployment level was 28% which was large because of the shutdowns of the casino and entertainment industries. This is one of the highest rates in the country. Las Vegas, and consequently Nevada, also posted its worst monthly revenue figures in the past 20 years. The numbers are expected to go down further in June. If Las Vegas is able to open ‘The Strip’ it may help in salvaging the economy.

The state’s casinos have been asked to submit their reopening plans at least one week before the reopening. The larger casinos in the state have already created these plans and sent them to Gov. Sisolak. The reopening could be slower. MGM and Caesars have a combined 18 establishments to reopen. Both are planning to reopen just two premises in the beginning. Implementing new safety standards will also come at a steep cost and the operators have to tread carefully in this regard.

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