New York Lawmakers Push for Legalizing Online Sports Betting

New York Lawmakers Push for Legalizing Online Sports Betting

While the state of New York is still reeling under the pressure of the pandemic, lawmakers have started pushing for legalized online sports betting. Recently, Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. unveiled his “Plan, Pass and Prepare” plan that includes a measure to legalize online sports betting.

Tax returns an important concern

Senator Addabbo Jr.’s plan will reach Governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk by December 31. If the plan is successfully implemented, the state will start seeing an increase in its revenue from 2021 onwards. The state has already legalized sports betting. However, it has shied away from online wagering, fearing it would be a dangerous move.

New York Lawmakers Push for Legalizing Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting is more easily accessible to the users because of which it could fuel bigger issues with addition. Senator Addabbo’s plan acknowledges and addresses this issue as well. His proposal suggests that a part of the revenue proceeds to the state will be set aside for handling gaming addiction. He also said that if the operations are legalized, measures like betting limits, freezing accounts, etc. could be used to protect the bettors from harm.

Gaming education would also be a part of this plan. The idea is that the state will be able to stop addiction before it begins via educational measures. Addabbo said,

“I agree we cannot go forward without addressing addiction, and thankfully, the Gaming Commission was given accolades and awards nationally for its treatment of public service announcements with regards to gaming addiction.”

Getting away from offshore sites important

One of the important goals of the bill is to bring people from illegal offshore gaming sites to regulated and legal gaming venues. Some fans may still have issues in figuring out if they are working with an illegal entity. This is why American Gaming Association CEO Bill Miller called on the media to stop promoting and covering all offshore illegal sportsbooks.

He said that mainstream publications continue to provide legitimacy to dangerous illegal markets on their platforms which are based offshores, are unregulated, and may often have a predatory modus operandi.

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