Nevada Gaming Control Board Discusses Details for June 4 Reopening

Nevada Gaming Control Board Discusses Details for June 4 Reopening

The Nevada Gaming Control Board on Tuesday discussed the safeguards that casinos must follow before they reopen on June 4. The workshop witnessed participation from various local and state officials.

New guidance coming soon

The board is planning to launch new guidance as an “industry notice” to all gaming properties of the state on Wednesday. They may address issues like the use of plexiglass dividers on gambling floors, table game restrictions, face coverings, and responsible gaming practices. The board is also expected to provide guidance on the temperature checks, hiring health professionals, using self-assessment trains, and employee training. It will also provide guidance on the capacity of event and meeting rooms and designated waiting areas.

According to Nevada Chief Attorney General Darlene Caruso, some of the suggestions cannot be implemented. This includes a request from the Culinary Union for the board to release the individual reopening plans that casinos submitted. She said that the plans are privileged and confidential information under state law. The board may not be able to make smoking bans on all gaming properties until there is new legislation regarding it, signed by the governor.

What recommendations are on the table?

In the board presentation, acting chief health officer of the Southern Nevada Health District, Dr. Fermin Leguen suggested that all guests be given a COVID-19 prevention card when they arrive at a venue. This card will also specify the symptoms and other information about the illness. He also said that guests must get their temperatures to check when they arrive at a property. They should also complete a daily coronavirus report and must also wear face masks.

If an employee has any symptoms of the coronavirus, they should be sent home. They will be required to give medical clearance that they are free of COVID-19 before they could return to work. Leguen also suggests that all frontline workers in the industry be tested twice for the infection during the first month of reopening. Later, they should be tested on a monthly basis.

University Medical Center CEO Mason Van Houweling, who is the chairman-elect of the Nevada Hospital Association as well, also recommended some screening proposals during the workshops. He said that a person with a temperature of over 100.4 degrees, should get a second check after 15 minutes. The guest should also ensure that the increased temperature is not because of outside heat.

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