Nevada Casinos Could Be Fined If They Break Reopening Rules

Nevada Casinos Could Be Fined If They Break Reopening Rules

Las Vegas is planning to bring its economy back to its feet with business reopenings planning throughout the month of June. However, the state doesn’t want a second wave of the pandemic to ruin its economy further. This is why it has decided to find gaming properties if they are found to be violating reopening rules.

Citations could be issued

The Nevada gaming officials will be issuing citations and may even impose fines on properties that fail to follow the rules. Anthony Cabot, Distinguished Fellow of Gaming Law at UNLV’s Boyd School of Law said that the Gaming Control Board’s enforcement division will be sending field agents to inspect compliance at properties. He said,

“Any violations can result in a verbal warning, multiple levels of letter warnings, or a formal complaint.”

Nevada Casinos Could Be Fined If They Break Reopening Rules

Cabot, who is the former chair of Lewis Roca Rathgeber Christie, a gaming law practice group, said that the board sought and received approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission related to the health and safety requirements of gaming properties. The veteran lawyer also said that the Gaming Commission could adopt some emergency regulations. If the gaming industry violates these rules, it could be subject to disciplinary action by the Commission as well. These regulatory actions could contain fines of up to $100,000 per incident. The licenses of the properties could be suspended or revoked.

No clarity on actions yet

The gaming board updated its health and safety guidelines on Wednesday but it didn’t suggest what would happen if properties violate the rules. The board’s policy has always been of suggestions instead of providing specific rules. It has encouraged the casinos to ensure that additional safeguards, above and beyond what is mentioned in the guidelines, be implemented at their properties.

The board has given specific guidelines on some specific subjects. For instance, the casinos will have to limit floor capacity to only 50%, a move that was earlier supported by fire and building officials. Casinos must also provide face masks or other kinds of coverings to the visitors who ask for them. They are also required to encourage visitors to wear a mask.

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