Top 3 All-Time Best-Selling Console Games Hit 158.8 Million Sold Units as of April

Top 3 All-Time Best-Selling Console Games Hit 158.8 Million Sold Units as of April

Despite the surge in mobile gaming, millions of gamers still choose console games to add an edge to their gaming experience. According to data gathered by GoldenCasinoNews, the three all-time best-selling console games reached 158.8 million units sold as of April. With 52% of that amount, Wii Sports ranked as the best-selling console game of all time.

Nintendo Grasps the Top of All-time Best-Selling Games

In April, Nintendo Wii Sports reached 82.65 million units in all-time sales, revealed Statista and VGChartz data. Considering the game was predominantly sold together with the Wii console, it doesn’t surprise the title dominates the console game field.

Super Mario Bros. ranked as the second best-selling console game of all time, with 40.24 million units sold as of April. As one of the oldest, most-influential and most-loved games worldwide, the title was launched in the market in 1985. Played initially on the NES 8-bit video game console, Super Mario Bros. games have been developed for almost all of Nintendo’s later gaming consoles.

The Success of the Mario Kart Franchise

The Mario Kart franchise has remained Nintendo’s jewel in the crown since it first released the original “Super Mario Kart” for the Super Nintendo console back in 1992. The go-kart racing game’s success has continued ever since, with new titles for Nintendo’s recent consoles Wii and the Switch.

The VGChartz data revealed the Mario Kart Wii ranked as the third best-selling console game of all times, with 35.98 million units sold worldwide as of April. The title equally represents the best-selling game of the Mario Kart series, and the second best-selling Nintendo Wii title.

The statistics indicate almost two-thirds of the all-time best-selling games are linked with Nintendo, which explains the company’s $10.9bn worth revenue in 2019.

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