Apple Faces Lawsuit for Offering Loot Boxes On App Store

Apple Faces Lawsuit for Offering Loot Boxes On App Store

Technology giant Apple is facing a lawsuit after a complaint on Friday alleged that the company is offering loot boxes in games designed for kids. The suit was filed by a California woman who claims that Apple relied on forming addictive behaviors in kids.

Complaint filed in California

Apple Insider reported that the complaint was filed with the US District Court for the Northern District of California by Rebecca Taylor. She claims that her son has spent $25 for purchasing iTunes gift cards for getting access to loot boxes in the popular Brawl Stars game. Her son still has access to the game on mobile and iPad. Taylor hasn’t mentioned if she had turned on the parental control feature available on the app. Apple users can utilize this feature to ensure that their kids do not get to buy online content without their parents’ permission.

Apple Faces Lawsuit for Offering Loot Boxes in App Store

The complaint suggests,

“Not unlike Big Tobacco’s Joe Camel’ advertising campaign, Apple relies on creating addictive behaviors in kids to generate huge profits for the Company. Over the last four years, Defendant’s App Store games have brought in billions of dollars, even though the vast majority of the games are free to download.”

The complaint further notes that a large percentage of Apple’s revenues come via in-game purchases from the AppStore. The loot boxes also generate millions in revenue for the company. It suggests that kids are being lured into mechanisms that are similar to gambling. The compliant has also added other popular apps like Roblox, FIFA Soccer, and Mario Kart Tour.

Loot boxes gain notoriety

Loot boxes have become infamous because they are present in games and present attractive in-game items to the kids for a price. This may include new skins, boosts, weapons, and other valuable or special items that can be found in the games. The loot boxes are available for free but a user must pay in order to open them. This part is the most controversial because it suggests that an item is awarded based on a randomized chance. Even if players open the loot boxes for getting special or rare items, they may also end up with just a standard item. As real money is involved in this case, many ask if these activities are suitable for games for kids.

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