British MPs Call for Complete Ban on Gambling Advertisement Before Premier League

British MPs Call for Complete Ban on Gambling Advertisement Before Premier League

Over 50 MPs and peers in the UK have asked for a total ban on gambling advertising in the country before the Premier League football season starts. They have also asked for a wide-scale overhaul of British gambling laws in a new report.

The cross-party group prepares a report

The report from the cross-party group of MPs will be published tomorrow. The Gambling Related Harm All-Party Parliamentary Group (GRH APPG) urged the government to enforce stricter control mechanisms on the British gambling industry, valued at over £11 billion. It also suggests a complete ban on digital and TV advertising for gambling products, as reported by the Guardian.

British MPs Call for Complete Ban on Gambling Advertisement Before Premier League

The group also suggests that VIP betting schemes must be slashed and a £2 stake limit on slot machines should be imposed. They suggest that there must be independent affordability checks as well as controls on game designs. Data that is used to bring back customers to a gambling website must also be used more ethically.

The report states,

“They have algorithms where if you are spending significant sums, they can make you a VIP, or send you a bonus email, both of which are to their commercial advantage. So, there is no reason why this data cannot be used to prevent gambling harm.”

UK Gambling Commission also agrees

The UK Gambling Commission also recommended putting VIP schemes to an end. These schemes are generally responsible for creating the bulk of revenue for many gambling firms. The group believes that the commission’s recommendations are not adequate and “not fit for purpose.” They said that it failed to adapt to technological change.

The Commission’s spokesperson recently said that banning gambling advertisements is a matter of concern for the government. He added that their most recent challenge to the industry is about identifying and working on opportunities that reduce the amount of online advertising that children, young people, and vulnerable populations see.

According to Gamble Aware, gambling groups spent £1.5 billion in marketing activities in 2017 alone, which was a 56% rise over 2014 figures. A little less than 50% of people in England gamble each month according to the latest stats from the Gambling Commission. Seven percent do it as a way to earn money for daily life.

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