Playtech and GVC Collaborate on A New Live Casino Game

Playtech and GVC Collaborate on A New Live Casino Game

Gambling technology company Playtech recently published its new live casino games. The scalable game is called Majority Rules Speed Blackjack, which is designed to promote community play.

A collaboration with GVC

The new exclusive game has been developed in collaboration with GVC and will be made available to customers nationwide from July onwards. Playtech Live Casino CEO Edo Haitin said,

“Innovation and experience-led gameplay are at the core of our product strategy, and Majority Rules Speed Blackjack delivers on both counts. The success of our community Live Slots concept demonstrates player demand for interactive & fun games – the experience you would enjoy when playing alongside others in a land-based casino.”

Playtech and GVC Collaborate on A New Live Casino Game

Haitin said that the firm is confident that creating new collaborative gameplay in a classic Blackjack game will be very popular amongst players. It would also help in creating a proper Speed variant for the game.

What’s new with Majority Rules?

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack is slightly different from the traditional game of blackjack. It adds some new player interaction features to the game. The game works in two modes, Best Strategy and Majority Rules, which will be implemented on the basis of the number of players participating in the game. In the Majority Rules mode, all players will be voting on Hit, Stand, Double or Split actions. Whenever there is a 50% or higher vote, there will be an automatic action trigger.

When there are a smaller number of players in the group, the Best Strategy mode is used. The hands of players will be resolved automatically in this strategy, according to a predefined Blackjack best strategy flow. Regardless of the mode selected, players will have to decide in advance to accept a vote or work on the best strategy.

GVC’s head of live casino said that the company is delighted to work closely with Playtech on the new game. He said that there will be a real community feel with the Ask the Audience voting approach which will help in in-game decision making.

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