Ohio’s Sports Betting Bill Could Be in Trouble

Ohio’s Sports Betting Bill Could Be in Trouble

The Speaker of the Ohio House, Larry Householder, was one of the five people arrested on Tuesday in connection with a $60 million bribery and racketeering scheme. The scheme was related to the bailout of two nuclear power plants.

Calls for resignation

The householder is a proponent of sports betting bill that has already passed the chamber in May. He is now being asked to vacate his position by prominent figures like Senate President Larry Obhof and Gov. Mike DeWine. The authorities allege that he and other people arrested were working to sabotage a ballot initiative. The effort was designed to combat a $1 billion plan that would stop two nuclear power plants in the state from closing. The individuals arrested received about $60 million a nonprofit special interested group called Generation Now. The group was also charged in this case.

Ohio’s Sports Betting Bill Could Be in Trouble

The prosecutors claim that the group was being run by Householder and he also received a $250,000 payment from energy companies every quarter. The payments began in March 2017. He also received over $400,000 for himself. He used the money to pay for a home in Florida, clear his credit card debt, and settle a lawsuit. People charged in the case allegedly used the funds to supports candidates and House members who would support Householder’s efforts to become the Speaker. People who won the election voted him as the Speaker.

Public corruption is not acceptable

Chris Hoffman, the FBI Cincinnati Special Agent in Charge of the case said, “All forms of public corruption are unacceptable. When the corruption is alleged to reach some of the highest levels of our state government, the citizens of Ohio should be shocked and appalled.”

The case could send Householders to prison for up to 20 years. Other people who were charged are Householder’s campaign strategist Jeffrey Longstreth, lobbyists Neil Clark and Juan Cespedes, and former chairman of Republican Party in Ohio Mathew Borges. Clark was previously serving as the budget director for the state House Republican Caucus and he represents clients like the Fair Gaming Coalition of Ohio which is involved in promotion legal coin-operated games.

He also represents Intralot USA, a state lottery contractor. With Householder’s arrest, the state’s sports betting plans could go for a toss as two important figures related to the industry are now facing charges.

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