Enteractive And Padel Malta Join Hands to Launch iGaming Padel League

Enteractive And Padel Malta Join Hands to Launch iGaming Padel League

Player reactivation and retention service provider for iGaming brands, Enteractive, announced a new partnership with Padel Malta today. The two will launch the iGaming Padel League in Malta to help leverage the quick growth in the iGaming sector.

Padel Malta ready for the league

Padel Malta entered the Maltese gaming scene in February and has been attracting lots of user interest since then. It is providing a friendly sporting atmosphere and a sense of community that has contributed immensely to the success of the firm. Padel is a racquet sport that is usually played in doubles. Its court is 1/3rd the size of a regular tennis court. The game is a mix between squash and tennis where a net is placed in the middle of the teams and the court is surrounded by four walls. The balls can be played off the walls.

Enteractive And Padel Malta Join Hands to Launch iGaming Padel League

The Padel teams in Malta will be competing against each other for the next three months to become the Enteractive Padel League Champions 2020. The event will begin on September 7 and will be held every week on Monday at the Padel Malta in Pembroke.

Padel becoming popular

Padel is quickly becoming popular. In recent years, more players have associated with the game and there is an internationally recognized World Padel Tour as well. Several European countries are also coming up with their own Padel Associations. The sport is very popular in Malta, especially among ex-pats who are living and working here for the iGaming industry.

Enteractive CEO Mikael Hansson commented on the collaboration and said,

“This sport is so popular amongst the iGaming community that we jumped at the chance to host the first Enteractive Padel League in Malta.  It’s all for fun, but I’m sure things will get competitive very quickly!”

Padel Malta co-founder Janika Wijkmark said that the company is pleased to be partnering with Enteractive to launch the first Padel League in Malta. Wijkmark also talked about the growing popularity of the sport, suggesting that Enteractive is in a unique position to engage their clients in the iGaming network of Malta with the league.

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