Online Slot Machines with Retrigger Feature Gaining Popularity

Online Slot Machines with Retrigger Feature Gaining Popularity

Slot lovers like to engage themselves with new and exciting slots that have captivating visuals and sounds. However, there is one feature that keeps the users coming back for more. This feature is called Retrigger, which is helping several slots gain massive popularity.

A new favorite among bettors

Bettors love online slot machines that come with the retrigger feature. Some bettors even consciously avoid playing slots that do not have retriggers. This feature is available in a number of 5-reel video slots that allow bettors to trigger free spins. As the users start spinning the slots, they don’t have to place a bet. As a result of this, they stand a chance to get rewarded without placing bets. These free spins are usually triggered when a user lands three matching scatter symbols that are lined up according to the rules of the game.

Online Slot Machines with Retrigger Feature Gaining Popularity

With retriggering, the users get an extra bonus in their video slot games which allows them to stay hooked and enjoy their gameplay much more. Retriggering occurs when a user triggers an extra round of free spins while already playing in the free spins mode. This can only happen when the user has landed the same symbols on the reels that he did when he entered the free spins round. To put it simply, if three symbols lined up to give you a free spin round and you get the same three symbols on the reels again, you will get bonus free spins. This feature is called retriggering.

Why are retriggers so popular?

Retriggers help users win double the amount in free spins then they can via spins they bet upon. It helps them start their bonus free spins afresh and gives them more chances to win big rewards without having to bet any money. The slot creators usually put a limit on the maximum number of free spins that bettors can get. This is why the retriggered spins number is also fixed between 5 to 10. This is not a feature that users will come across commonly. However, the chance of landing a retrigger and getting extra free spins always keeps them hooked for this rare reward.

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