Ohio May Move Ahead with Its Sports Betting Legislation

Ohio May Move Ahead with Its Sports Betting Legislation

The state of Ohio is quickly moving towards a sports betting legislation. The legislature has to focus on two bills- SB 111 and HB 194 which will pave the way for a legalized athletic wagering market in the state.

A productive summer

The sponsor of SB 111 Sen. John Eklund said that the sponsors of both Senate and House bills have held many discussions over the summer. He said that the two bills have many differences and still several issues that they have not achieved an agreement on. A draft document has been prepared and distributed to all interested parties for their consideration and comments. Now, they have started receiving feedback on the two bills which will be used to consolidate the two ideas and have a complete document ready.

Ohio May Move Ahead with Its Sports Betting Legislation

Eklund said,

“They are major to me in the sense that they are fundamental to the bill, but I don’t view them as major issues that reasonable minds can’t come together and work out a solution.”

The main document for discussion is HB 194 which was approved by the house in May this year. The Senate will be in a virtual session in October while the House will return to the session on November 10.

Eager to move forward with the bill

Eklund noted that there is no deadline for the bills but they are eager to keep the turnaround times short. He noted that they would like to create a document supported by all sponsors and then move to the Senate committee process. He said that it could be achieved by the end of October if all goes well for them. Previously, he said that he would want something done on Election Day on November 3.

Governor Mike DeWine has been engaged with both the bodies and has kept himself updated with all the discussions. One of the main points of contention between the House and Senate bills is regarding the oversight authority. The House bill wants the Ohio Lottery Commission (OLC) to become the regulator while the Senate wants the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) to look after legalized sports betting.

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