Sports Betting’s Fate Hanging in Balance in Louisiana

Sports Betting’s Fate Hanging in Balance in Louisiana

A sports betting measure in Louisiana ballot is left hanging in balance and both supporters and opposers battle hard to gain votes.

How will Louisiana vote?

A sports betting measure is put to vote in Louisiana this year. It will allow each of the 64 parishes in the state to decide if they sports wagering in their respective parishes. The supporters of the measure suggest that the activity will bring some much-needed cash for the local governments which are witnessing hard times because of the coronavirus pandemic. Sports betting will start supplying tax revenue to these governments and help them in the months to come.

Sports Betting’s Fate Hanging in Balance in Louisiana

People on the opposite side suggest that the measure will lure minors and drain hard-earned money from families.

Is Louisiana Gambling legal?

The state of Louisiana already has legalized casino gambling. This ballot measure, it would allow  Louisiana Gambling to add sports betting in the state. Proponents suggest that two neighboring states of Arkansas and Mississippi have already allowed sports betting in casinos. According to the sports-betting advocacy group Louisiana Wins, gamblers in Louisiana are already spending more than $330 million in betting in neighboring states.

Richard Carbo from the advocacy group said that the money going out of the states could easily be used in Louisiana to fund roads and bridges. He also said that the money could be used in education funding. He commented, “Supporting this proposal keeps our tax dollars here in Louisiana to fund our priorities.”

The opponents still suggest that the proposal will have major societal costs that will far outweigh the benefits of sports betting in the states. Louisiana Family Forum’s Gene Mills said that all types of betting in the state will drain the personal wealth of the citizens of the country. It is promising some layouts which were realistically not deliverable. This could lead to life-changing losses for the family of the gambler, leaving taxpayers to pick up the broker pieces of bad wagering and the destroyed lives.

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