Green Jade Games Launches Exciting New Slot Troll KO

Green Jade Games Launches Exciting New Slot Troll KO

Green Jade Games has released its new slot game called Troll KO. The game takes users on an exciting journey into an enchanted forest. The users have to defeat trolls to claim the wonderful treasures lying hidden in the heart of the forest.

The game comes with a unique Knock Out feature that allows players to throw symbols out of the reels. Once it comes into effect, it starts creating a cascade effect in the game. The game also comes with a Loot Box symbol. Getting three or more Loot Box symbols horizontally will trigger the bonus features of the game. It includes several free spins or instant cash. Some lucky users could also get a combination of the two features.

The Knock Out series comes with three different types of games. The business is focused extensively on developing its Arcade Skills Games, slot games, and KO slots. The studio is focusing on developing Arcade Skill games, slot games, and KO slots. The KO slots give players a hand in the outcome of the round.


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