Illinois Delays In-Person Registration Requirement for another Month

Illinois Delays In-Person Registration Requirement for another Month

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker extended the deadline for an executive order which permits remote signups for betting in the state. The state had made in-person registration for online betting compulsory before COVID-19 but quickly released an executive order to remove the restriction for some time.

One-month extension

With the extension of the executive order, users have another month to sign-up for online sportsbooks remotely. This gives bettors a chance to deposit and bet using any of the live sportsbooks in the state. Currently, there are five online gambling sites in the state that have launched in association with a land-based casino. These sportsbooks could only be accessed after in-person registration according to Illinois law. However, given the pandemic, the governor signed an executive order that temporarily did away with this restriction.

Illinois Delays In-Person Registration Requirement for another Month

The newest executive order extension will last till December 12. This is the fifth time that the order is being extended.

What prompted the order?

Illinois lawmakers announced a few days ago that they will not convene the 2020 fall veto session because of the pandemic. Gaming stakeholders are hoping that the lawmakers will come back and amend the existing sports betting bill to remove the in-person requirement permanently. However, with no legislative session, this seems unlikely. The restrictions will continue to be in place till 2022 if no legislative action is taken.

The responsibility to avert the requirement now rests with Pritzker who can bring the sixth extension to the executive order. The industry has widely supported the executive orders but they seek permanent solutions to the problem. Casino hours in the state are already curtailed and without a lasting solution at hand, the industry has to depend on a monthly extension or risk a threat to their markets.

If the number of positive cases increases, the state could impose further limitations and may even consider another shutdown. If this happens and there is no remedy for in-person registration as required by law, then online sportsbooks will effectively cease accepting new customers.

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