GVC Holdings Takes New Steps to Improve Player Protection

GVC Holdings Takes New Steps to Improve Player Protection

UK-based gambling giant GVC Holdings announced a new partnership with Professor of Behavioral Addiction and Psychology Dr. Mark Griffiths from Nottingham Trent University. The partnership will help the firm work on improvising its player protection technology.

Working on better technology

Dr. Griffiths will audit the firm’s policies and responsible gaming process and suggests the improvements that they need for a stronger player protection program. Dr. Griffiths has more than 30 years of experience in studying addiction and online behaviors. His work will help the company build a new Advanced Responsibility & Care (ARC) program.

GVC Holdings Takes New Steps to Improve Player Protection

The new program will depend on player behavior analysis to enhance player protection. Data scientists at the firm will create predictive models using player behavior. The data and analytics derived from this will be used to score players based on the indicators that may be needed for their protection. The risk rating for players will be aligned with their play patterns and other factors. This information, alongside some real-time monitoring and analysis tools, will be useful in providing early intervention and improve overall protections available for players.

Dr. Griffiths will be using behaviors of over 160 million players, collected from the company’s global database, to suggest changes to the company.

Working with PlayPause

Apart from its efforts to develop a new ARC, the firm also partnered with Conscious Gaming. With the deal, GVC will also become the first company to use a multi-state tool for responsible gambling called PlayPause. The tool will be first used by BetMGM, a joint venture between US-based MGM Resorts and GVC Holdings.

PlayPause is a part of the Sustainability Charity. The company unveiled it earlier this month as its first initiative of its Charter in the United States. GVC Holdings Shay Segev said that the company is ‘delighted’ to debut PlayPause on its BetMGM platform. The firm also suggests that using PlayPause will provide its customers with a safe playing experience in the US.

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