KaMaGames introduces innovative 3D Avatars

KaMaGames introduces innovative 3D Avatars

KaMaGames announced on Twitter the launching of their newest innovation – Animated 3D Avatars. The developer promises to take real money casino gaming experience to another level as it introduces 3D avatars to the foray.

KaMaGames 3D avatar

The advent of 3D Avatar in Real Money Gaming app

Players on KamaGames app can now access a real-life and customized gaming opportunity with three-dimensional avatars.

The developer aims to provide players a whole new gaming environment by giving them the freedom to customize their avatars. KamaGames consider customization as a critical feature for their gaming apps.

This new innovation allows players to choose from more than 600 types of avatars and create styles of their desire.

Avatar styles usually represent the current status of the players, their whims, and fancy at the moment. Players can pick their desired get-up from a wide range of selections such as clothes, hairstyles and accessories (hats and jewelry). Moreover, players have the power to adjust the color and length of their avatars’ hair and articles to make it look truly theirs.

The three-dimensional feature of KaMaGames’ avatars gives a unique and exclusive gaming atmosphere that leads to more robust players’ engagement.

The operator wants to make sure that playing on Olybet or KamaGames would leave a rewarding experience for their players.

More on KamaGames

KaMaGames has produced some of the most off-beat and intuitive games in the industry. It has earned its way to becoming one of the fastest-growing independent companies worldwide. Based in Dublin, Ireland, the company is among the biggest social, mobile poker operators in Europe. Now operating in its 10th year, KaMaGames continues to come up with innovations that unlock more potential for the industry.


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