Betting Shops Shut Down in London and South-East England

Betting Shops Shut Down in London and South-East England

As a new strain of COVID-19 was found in the UK, the British government has been forced to issue a new shutdown and suspend all non-essential businesses in the country.

The UK faces a new threat

The new strain of COVID-19 has a 70% higher transmission rate because of which the British government has enforced another shutdown. Betting shops in London and South-East England have also been shut while racing still continues behind closed doors. The Tier 4 lockdown will continue until further notice.

Betting Shops Shut Down in London and South-East England

The decision will affect betting shops that reopened earlier in December. The shops were previously shut down on November 5 and reopened on December 2. Betting shops in Northern Ireland and Scotland will also shut down on December 26.

Betting and Gaming Council CEO Michael Dugher said that they support the mechanisms introduced by the governments and NHS. However, following the guidelines also meant short term losses for the industry. Dugher said,

“Unfortunately, betting shops in Wales have also closed as part of the country’s full lockdown, while those in mainland Scotland and Northern Ireland will close from Boxing Day. This is disappointing news for our staff and customers, but we hope to be able to reopen safely once again as soon as possible”

A critical time for the British gambling industry

While Dugher supports the shutdowns, he has been vocally opposed to shutting shops en masse. Instead, he has talked about introduced phased measures. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has not given an answer on reopening businesses in South-East England and London because transmission rates in the region are troubling.

Dugher said that despite the shut down of betting shops, British consumers will be able to enjoy racing and sports. The NBA will return on December 24 and NHL will be available on January 13. NFL and NCAAB are already in full swing. The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) said that it will continue hosting racing events in tier 4 shutdown areas, but behind closed doors. It said that if there are any attendees, they will have to comply with racing and government-issued protocols to ensure the safety of consumers and the staff.

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