Michigan House Approves New Bill for Interstate Online Poker

Michigan House Approves New Bill for Interstate Online Poker

The Michigan House of Representatives recently approved SB 991, a follow-up measure of the Lawful Internet Gaming Act. The approval was voted 85-16 which authorizes the Gaming Control Board to proceed with interstate online poker. The board can now start working with other states with legalized online poker like New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Measure waiting for governor’s approval

The measure, passed by the House, is now pending the approval of Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Senator Curtis Hertel, Jr., who is the lead sponsor for the poker measure said that he is expecting the bill to pass. The Senator also said that he is excited to see the bill pass and create a more robust system for the users.

Michigan House Approves New Bill for Interstate Online Poker

Online poker was first approved in the state in December last year. The state intended to gain more taxes via gaming, sports betting and poker which could be used for the state’s education needs and provide more funds to the firefighters facing cancer. The state has taken about a year to get the industry up and running, mostly because of the rules and regulators related to licensing approval and operator vetting.

Michigan taking slow and steady steps

The board also approved the first provisional licenses in the state, with 15 gaming platform provides, a few days ago. The first online gambling operations in the state began in January 2021. Online poker will be the last gambling measure to begin in the state. It is unclear when the first of the operations will start. All games in the state must be evaluated by a gaming lab and must be approved by the board before it is launched.


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